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5 Best DNA Testing Companies in 2020

There is no need to talk about the usefulness of DNA Tests. They are no longer a tool for discovering a blood relationship with other members of the family. On the contrary, their usage exceeds the primary goal of a DNA test. Today, people do DNA tests for many reasons. Some are interested in the family’s ancestry, others want to discover more about themselves and what secrets are hidden in their genes, while others care more about their health and want to prevent developing some diseases.

Recent news from the world of DNA tests is that people can even test their ethnicity, but nothing new on the topic. No matter the reason, doing DNA tests is something that many people do and it definitely helps them in many ways. Some companies have for long been in the business and today, DNA tests became mainstream and available to everybody at affordable prices. Here are some of the best companies that provide customers with accurate DNA tests for different purposes.

1. My Heritage

My Heritage is an Israeli DNA test company founded in 2003. It is a genealogy software platform. Later on, the company has acquired some historical databases, and finally, it started offering DNA tests. The basic package starts at $79. It contains the regular user interface and the same profile results. Their impressive online database that contains more than 3.5 million profiles, and over a hundred million subscribers, is powered by Geni.com.

Recently, the company has launched a new, health screening test in a partnership with PWNHealth. The company offers its clients a range of privacy preference options. All they need for the test is a cheek swap and the whole process takes about 2 minutes. After, the client sends the sample to their laboratory for DNA analysis and gets the results online after three or four weeks. My Heritage offers one of the largest databases and DNA testing possibilities and you can read more here about their services.

2. 23andMe

23andMe was the first company back in 2006 to introduce to the world DNA testing kits. The company, 23andMe has divided its services into three categories: health, ancestry, and traits. They can be used in the comfort of your own home, are simple to use, and most of them are at affordable price tags. Their test, AncestryDNA Genetic testing kit can trace up to 5000 ethnic regions worldwide, helping you to determine your ethnic heritage. The other DNA test helps clients improve their health by early detection of predisposition to develop certain diseases. Both their website and mobile app are easy to use containing important information about their products and services. The company is open to personal preferences and consent options.

3. AncestryDNA

This company was established in Utah in the 90s. It is the parent company of AncestryDNA. The company has a few DNA tests to offer to its client. The basic package is at a price tag of 99$. Interestingly enough, the company uses paternity chromosome Y. Their database contains around 18 million profiles, thus making it the biggest database of profiles in the DNA world. The company offers personalized health reports and access to genetic counseling resources. Their tests are specialized in tracing historical ancestry in building a tree family. Customers can download their DNA results profile.

4. Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA is a company established in 2000. According to the company’s claims, their database is the most comprehensive DNA matching database. The company offers all three DNA test types: autosomal DNA, Y-DNA, and mtDNA. Their genetic laboratory, Gene-by-Gene, located in Houston, is the only laboratory operated and owned by the company itself. Their entry-level package costs $79. The results give you information about your ethnic and geographic origin. Their DNA test package offers the most complete suite of introductory tools. Their product line also contains some higher-end tests. The company promises to never sell your DNA results to any third-parties.

5. Living DNA

People of British or Irish ancestry are definitely going to be interested in the Living DNA testing kit. Living DNA is a British DNA company specializing in high definition genetic tests in the British Isles. Using this DNA kit can find the exact region in the British Island where your DNA originates from. This DNA testing kit will definitely help you find the right track towards finding your DNA ancestry. Living DNA can even connect with some distant family members you haven’t met before.

There are three types of DNA tests: autosomal DNA, used for getting information about your recent ancestry, mitochondrial DNA, telling you about your direct maternal line, and the YDNA test, which traces back to your direct paternal line. Living DNA is a test that involves all three types of DNA tests in one. For instance, the Family DNA test does all three testing procedures but separately which of course is going to cost higher than the Living DNA testing kit. The autosomal DNA test of this company gives better accuracy than other tests when it comes to ethnic ancestry.


The usefulness of doing a DNA test is evident. DNA tests offer much information that is helpful for people in many ways. They are not only a tool for determining blood relationship among family members but also in tracing back your ancestry or finding a distant family relative you haven’t met before. Today, there isn’t a shortage of accurate DNA tests on the market. Depending on the customer’s purpose, there are DNA tests that specialize in specific areas that help you get as accurate information as possible.

The competition among DNA kits companies is strong and customers do have a choice on the market. It’s very important to determine the purpose of DNA tests because it will help you more to find the most suitable DNA tests for a specific purpose. Some tests might do a better job at determining your ethnicity, or finding out about the predisposition of developing some diseases, the so-called health DNA tests.

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