How to Develop a Unique (& Memorable) Brand Identity in 2020

When developing a brand, many people make the mistake of thinking about their logo ant the name of their product and service. However, a brand is much more than these two aspects.

While a logo is a major part of a brand, it is not the be-all and end-all. It is, in fact, just one step in the process of creating a brand identity.

There are many businesses out there that are trying to boost their identity. However, not all of them are successful. Creating a unique and memorable brand identity is a lot of work.

Brand Identity

When it comes to the concept of branding, your brand identity should indicate what your brand is and what your values are. It should also convey what you want your customers to feel when they interact with your product. In other words, your brand’s identity is your business’s personality.

Let’s think about one of the world’s most popular drinks. You might have a good feeling about this drink and its association with the holidays. You might also think that the product’s logo looks quite confident and how much it stands out from other drinks. There’s also the uniquely-shaped bottles that they develop that tell people they’re drinking the real thing.

Your Businesses Face

Your logo should be the face of your business. It should contribute to your brand’s identity and make it memorable. In addition to this, your logo should create trust and credibility.

Your Mission

While you are creating your brand identity you should also be creating your brand’s mission. Does your business have a purpose? If so, what is it? Will your brand offer your customers a sense of belonging?

While your logo is not your whole brand’s identity, it is a very important part. This is because it will become the most recognizable aspect of your brand. This is why you need to get it right.

You should work on the following factors when designing your logo:

  • The form – Your logo will represent your business in everything that you do. It should create a level of familiarity with all of your customers, as much as the “Golden arches” do.
  • The type and color – Creating a color palette that works well will help you to enhance your business’s identity. Use a clear set of colors and make sure that it looks good in all formats.
  • The Templates – When you create templates of your logo you offer a more professional and credible feel.
  • Your logo’s flexibility – Your brand’s logo should be flexible enough to make some adjustments to your taglines and ad campaigns. It should also be flexible enough for you to modernize your brand.

Integrating Your Brand

Once you have established your brand you will need to integrate it. You should use language that matches your brand’s personality. If you want to give the impression of being laid back, you should use conversational language. If you’re looking for a more professional tone you will need to use professional language. Integrating your brand is vital, so make sure you use the right language.


When it comes to advertising you should find that this is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to introduce your brand. This is your opportunity to ensure your message is seen by your target audience. If you know who your target audience is, you can advertise to them in such a way that encourages them to buy your product.

Social media

Social media can be an incredibly powerful tool. It can help you to create a connection with your customers. Make sure you use as many social media platforms as you can. Don’t forget to ensure your logo is clear and your brand’s identity remains the same. Keep the themes and make sure you interact with your customers. You want your customers to feel as if they trust your brand. When you interact with them, your customers will start to trust you more. Be human, be kind, and appreciate your customers. Social media can help you to stay in touch with them more easily than almost any other platform.

What you Should Avoid

Many new businesses make the mistake of failing to create a new identity. They also give their customers mixed messages. This is not a good way to show your customers who you are and what you do.

Don’t copy your competitors

Avoid copying your competitors as this will confuse people. Put your own twist onto what your competitors offer so your business stands out more. Try not to create messages or logos that are very similar to your competitors. You run a business that is separate from your competitor’s and your identity should convey this.

Maintain the same online and offline message

There is always a slight chance that your printed material will look a little different from your online logo. This is completely normal, however, they should not look too different. All of your colors, your message, your theme, and your type should look the same.

While you might like to have different colors offline, doing so will just confuse your customers. They will not know what your brand is if you are blue one minute and purple the next. Be consistent at all times.

Monitoring Your Brand

One of the most important things you should do is to monitor your brand. Use social media, comments, surveys, and analytics to monitor how your brand is doing. This will give you the chance to implement any necessary changes. In addition to this, monitoring can also help you to correct your mistakes.

When you work to develop a unique and memorable brand identity in 2020, you should be consistent. While this does take a lot of work, it is worth it. This is because your customers will potentially start to recognize your products, and what you stand for. When this happens your business will be much more than a logo and a brand.

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