How Can I Look Cute at the Beach?

Getting ready for the beach isn’t supposed to be hard work. But for the rest of us mortals that don’t have the perfect summer body (thanks Corona), looking cure might be harder than initially expected.

However, there is always a way to ignore our beer bellies and large hips and to look cute at the same time.

That’s why we’ve decided to tell you how to look cute while at the beach. With all that said, let’s start.

Choice of Swimwear

The choice of swimwear is instrumental in how you look at the beach! When it comes to swimwear, there are certain rules that women tend to follow more than men.

As a matter of fact, men buy what they like. Women buy what they need to look cute. That’s why a guy will find the perfect swimwear in five minutes, while gals will take the whole evening off.

When it comes to buying the perfect swimwear, the details matter a lot.

Depending on your body type, certain types of swimwear will appeal better to your body and will make you look cuter.

Vertical colors make you look taller. Thus, if you’re of shorter height, vertical colors are your best friend.

For gals with bigger thighs, high-cut bikini will make you look cuter and more attractive as they make your legs look longer.

Print is Everything

While we did touch on color in the previous one, we really have to dedicate an entire section to it as it is very important for looking cuter.

Prints can either make you look cute or make you look fat. There is no way around it; buying the perfect swimwear means balancing your figure through carefully selected colors.

That’s why darker prints are excellent for hiding extra pounds. If your thighs are bigger, then the only way to look cute is to get darker swim pants.

For balancing the waistline, make sure to go for dark stripes. For wider hips, light tops are excellent for hiding the extra pounds and making your breast area look compact and natural.


No one wants to look stale and boring when at the beach. Since people don’t get to go to the beach that often, finding the perfect wear will make the most of your time swimming and sunbathing.

To look cute at the beach, you have to find the perfect wear for your figure. But not only that, you can greatly impact the figure by adding in accessories to your attire.

For example, sarongs are great for those that want to hide their large hips. When buying sarongs, it’s all about getting a piece that can be tied higher above the waist. This is how you wear sarongs as they hide not only the hips but the waist as well.

If you are a curvier girl, then you must avoid buying large prints and instead settle for something smaller. If you want to know more about how to look cuter on the beach, then you can see here.

Spray Tan

There isn’t a better way to make yourself look cute than to eliminate that pale skin color of yours.

To help out with that, a spray tan or a cream will suffice. But we aren’t doing this only for the sake of eliminating pale skin color, we are doing this as getting a tan makes us look much slimmer.

Not only that, but a spray tan is very good for the skin as it keeps it moisturized. There are rules when using such products. You shouldn’t’ apply it while on vacation as it will work against what you’re trying to achieve.

You should do it a few days before you go on your vacation.

Your Posture

Want to look cuter without even wasting a single dollar on? Well, the only way to do that is by improving your posture. Namely, if you keep your shoulders and back rounded, then you’re not making it hard for people to see your belly.

If you keep your shoulder and back straight, then you’re eliminating that beer belly and greatly enhancing your look. It’s safe to say that this applies to both men and women. Keeping the right posture will eliminate many of the negative traits while enhancing positivity.

The Food

People judge what others eat. When at the beach, it could be tempting to go for a Coca Cola, but we all know how much sugar there is in that sort of drink.

When you eat too much, your belly fills up and looks bigger and bloated. This all depends on how much you eat and the types of food.

For example, the best way to bloat your belly is to drink sugary drinks like Coca Cola, Ice tea, etc, and to eat stuff like junk food.

While everyone wants to freshen up while at the beach, replace the sugary drink with something like watermelon. Fruits and veggies are excellent since they don’t contain sugars that bloat and get you fat.

There isn’t a better way to keep an eye on your weight than to stock on bananas, peaches, grapes, and watermelon while at the beach.

Not only does it work in your favor by not making your fatter, but it also attracts positive attention.

Bigger Towels

Towels are pretty straightforward but not a lot of us take notice of the clear and obvious signs.

Namely, a bigger towel will always work in your favor as it will make your body look slimmer. Smaller towels are not only useless for sunbathing, but they also make us look fat.


People will judge what you wear, so you should make it that they don’t have any ammunition to do so.

Footwear is important when at the beach. This piece of attire can single-handedly decide whether you’re cute, or look absurd.

Sandals are a huge NO when it comes to beach footwear. There is only one winner in this race, and that’s flip flops. Sandals with laces, straps, or anything of the kind make you look absurd and take away from your legs.

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