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6 Smart Ways to Use Your Instagram Bio Link – 2020 Guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms, especially for the influencers, but also for businesses who need to promote their products and services. But, this network also has one thing that makes the users nervous – they don’t allow entering links in the product description, and it will look like a plain text after you publish the content. Sure you’ve already seen that some Insta personalities say “link in bio” when they promote something.

Many users are curious if they somehow, can put more than one link in the description in the bio section, but that’s usually impossible, because the characters are limited, and the link section allows just one. Instagram has millions of active users and that number is growing stronger every day, making it one of the most commercial platforms people can use to place their products and increase their sales. As you know, not so long ago they added a new feature that lets the users buy the product directly from the profile.

As Twitter users are craving for the “edit” button, Instagram users always ask for links in the description, but the company still won’t do that. Social media marketing success depends on the clickable links and since they are not allowed in Insta descriptions under the photos or videos, but on the other hand, they can include them in the profile description. But, sometimes, the profile owner needs to include more than one link, so they can complete the description.

So, you have two options: to use just the most important link, usually the homepage of your website, or to find a way to include multiple links in the bio section of your profile. It’s a fact that people prefer to just simply click on a link that will lead them to the page they are interested in, but since it’s not really possible, those who run the Insta account should decide which option is better for the business. According to Sharemyinsights, there are many extension apps that will allow you to include more links in one clickable URL that will be included in your biography.

These are the smartest and cleverest ways to use links on your Insta profile for business:

1. You can create an excellent call-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are the way you are talking to your potential customers and the clicks, engagements, and purchases depend on them. It’s the number one lesson you will learn at your marketing studies or courses, especially when it comes to digital marketing and product placement on the Internet. An effective CTA will result in more sold products, hiring, and of course, followers, likes, and comments. When you add a valid URL to your call-to-action, you must be sure you are using it the right way, which will bring you the wished results.

2. Invite the people to visit your profile

When you include the words “link in bio” in the description, you are technically inviting the people to visit your profile and see what you have to offer. Usually, that results with a follow, a few likes, and maybe a share of your posts on their Insta stories. That’s really nice, knowing that every interaction counts, and it’s valuable for increasing your visibility on the network. The more interactions you have, the bigger are the chances your posts will appear in the explore tab.

3. Encourage the people to like and share your content

You can use the links to send your audience to active giveaways or important posts and contests. We are lucky enough to have all these options to promote our business and enlarge the audience by using simple tools, and every business owner or marketer should know the most effective ways that will lead to increased sales and interest, without spending too much money for that. Most of these options are available on business profiles, and you better convert your profile to that mode, so you can use all the benefits Instagram offers to you.

4. Promote your sales

When you want to announce a sale, you can publish a simple post, inviting the visitors to click the URL, that will lead them to your sales page. Sometimes it’s very hard to attract more website visits, but if you use your social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter, and of course, Instagram, you are increasing your chances to sell more.

5. Include your “About Me” page

Insta descriptions and bios are limited and you are not able to list everything that makes your company unique and attractive. So, you can use the URL in the bio option to lead the potential customers to your “About Me” section on your website. But, if you decide to do that, you will also need to update the page regularly, and include the contact details, phone number, address, and a map, so people can find your store or office easily.

6. Share something important with your followers

There are plenty of things you want to share with your potential customers, including your video ads, e-books, popular blog posts, email list, websites, affiliate links, and so on. Decide which one is the most important at the moment, and place it in your bio. You can always change and update it as you need. You can’t expect a miracle in a day or two, but as the time goes by, your profile followers will check the URL regularly, and of course, that was your goal at the very beginning.

Instagram is a very useful tool when you create your marketing and sales strategy. It can be a very powerful tool if you know how to use it properly. No matter your age, if you are a part of the marketing sector, you must learn the new and popular things and adapt to the benefits that technology is bringing to every business today. Use the clever tricks we mentioned in this article, and of course, get inspired to come with unique ideas on your own.

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