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Simple Ways of Nurturing a Healthy Relationship With Your Partner

A romantic relationship is as much a good thing to keep you going as anything else. Romantic relationships bring us joy and happiness and make us experience a sense of self-worth, but they can also cause distress and adversely affect our mental health.

Relationships are bound to disagreements that can lead to stress, unhappiness, breakups, and depression. However, there are different ways of maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner.

Individual hobbies

Being in a relationship is usually a long term decision, and most people end up getting bored. You feel like you have been with your partner for the longest time, and you’ve been repeating the same cycle.

Having some ‘me time’ time is one way of breaking the monotony in the relationship. You can indulge in your hobbies individually from time to time.

Create some time and get a personal life outside of the relationship apart from work. It helps you reflect on yourself and is more likely to make you happier. It also helps you to breathe and rid yourself of emotions.

Acceptance and forgiveness

We all are humans and are subject to mistakes. At one point or another, you will fall short of your partner’s expectation, or you may wrong them unknowingly. When that happens, be ready to own up to your mistakes and apologize.

On the other hand, if your partner is on the wrong and they seek forgiveness, accept their apology and forgive them. Such actions guide you through difficult times. Acceptance and forgiveness is one way weathering the storms in a relationship hence nurturing a healthy relationship with your partner.

Sharing goals and achievements

Sharing goals and achievements is another way of nurturing a good relationship with your partner. Identify some common goals you would like to achieve in future and work towards its success as a couple. For instance, you can decide to buy a big car someday or put up a business etc.

Having something that keeps you two going is essential. When you share goals that resonate with both of you, you combine your efforts towards achieving it. In addition to that, celebrate your achievements together. If you complete a milestone in life, thank your partner for supporting you through it and share the success.

Financial planning

One common cause of breakups and strains on relationships is financial issues. Most people leave their partners when they experience economic pressure, but that is not supposed to be the case. When you agree and put a financial plan in place to cater to various responsibilities, things get much better.

You can start by prioritizing essential things like planning for the future; it will motivate you to stick with your partner—for instance, a home investment. You can start by checking out photos from real estate homes like movoto and agree on your dream home then begin working towards that goal. Planning early for the future helps you avoid financial issues in the end.

Again, if you are not able to reach an agreement with your partner regarding finances, a financial planner can help you get on the same page. They will help you put a plan in place for your money that suits you both.

Go for vacations

Going for vacations with your partner is a way of spicing up your relationship. It helps both of you to get some outside air from the home environment.

Vacations are not a luxury, as some people say. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just agree on a getaway experience, even if it is for one day to get away from all the buzz.

Besides, you can also do fun activities together like going for a swim, hike, walking together, etc. That equals a vacation if you don’t have the money to cater for one.

Thoughtful surprises

Can you remember the last time you gifted or surprised your partner? Surprises spark up the love that may have been withering out. You can surprise your significant person with a gift or make a task that they have wanted to accomplish, easy for them.

However, be thoughtful about the gifts you choose. A suitable gift will make your partner feel recognized, while a gift that doesn’t suit them will make them feel like you ignore what they like and cause disagreements.

Find a thing that excites them, such as items they have been talking about owning someday. If, for instance, your girlfriend wishes to start a lifestyle blog, buying them a friendly video camera can be an excellent way to surprise them.

Late night dinners and night games

Dinners are for lovers. Create some romance time by going out for dinners regularly and remind yourselves why you fell in love with each other.

If you can’t afford dinners, engage in night games like playing cards, board games that allow you to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Inviting your close couple friend to play together adds more fun, and you get to spark up your relationship.


Disagreements and arguments will always be there in a genuine relationship. Dealing with issues as a couple can be difficult. You may go out, enjoy dinner, makeup, but after some time, the arguments come up again, and the cycle is endless.

Seeking therapy services is essential. They are trained professionals who will advise you without bias and help identify and change habits that negatively impact your relationship.

Most people choose to talk to a close friend to help them solve an issue with their partner. It may work, but at times it may not because a friend supports one side and is likely to give biased advice.

Appreciate each other

Gratitude is perpetual. Always appreciate your partner for tolerating you by saying it, or sending them a thank you note. It is an expressive way of otherwise letting them know you love them that doesn’t cost a dime financially.

Also, you can appreciate you, partner, by leaving them positive reminders of each other. For example, if you wake up first, leave them a note to help them start their day with a positive attitude.


Practising those simple ways paired with love and tolerance will help you nurture and maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.

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