How to Fix an iPhone That Keeps Restarting?

Today’s smartphones are smart, as the name says, but they are not perfect, and sometimes some bug may ruin the whole experience of using them. When it comes to iPhones, they are one of the most popular devices today, because the phone is compatible with the operating systems, and works great when using a licensed version of it. Many users destroyed their iPhones by jailbreaking it, so they can use some feature that is not allowed by Apple.

Sometimes, these experiments are successful, but most of the time they may harm the device, making it keep restarting, and unable to use. So, what you can do if something like this happens? Do you need to take it to service, or you can try to fix it by yourself?

If you don’t know how to do that, we will recommend you to take it to someone who has a license to work with iPhones, especially if you still have a valid warranty. But if it’s expired, and your phone is showing only the Apple logo, without even requiring your PIN or passcode, or accessing the menu. So, what can you do for the first moment? Why is that happening?

We will try to explain everything in this article:

Why does my iPhone keep restarting?

There can be plenty of reasons why is that happening. The most obvious one is the temperature and heating, so if you can tell the phone is too hot, you better leave it in a cool place until it gets cooler, and then try to turn it on again. Most of the iPhones have this heating problem, especially when it’s also hot outside. The overuse of the phone, while it’s too hot outside, can result in overheating and restarting.

Another reason can be some new versions of iOS. Sometimes, the new versions have bugs, and Apple needs to release an update. Some users in the past tried installing a version that not supports the model they own. Rarely, your phone can shut down because of malware attack, or hardware problem, and if that happens, it’s always better to take it to a professional, because you can harm it more by trying to do something you are not even sure what you do.

There are a lot of Apple-approved applications that can help fix some common problems, and you can use some of them to prevent this issue before it damages your iPhone forever. According to you can always start with the most obvious solution, the old and gold force restarting. But, if it still shows only the logo for hours, and won’t let you use the phone, you may need more advanced options to fix the issue.

Here are some more tips, options, and tricks on how to stop the restarting and make your precious device work again:

Factory reset

This is another obvious solution, and if you don’t have a backup of your data, it will erase everything that is saved on your phone. You can save something using your Apple account, and that’s why backing up the phone regularly is important. You only need your lighting cable, and as you are long-pressing the home button, you need to connect it to the computer and launch iTunes, entering the recovery mode. Now you can reset it and use it again. Next, iTunes will ask what you want to do and give a few options, including restoring the backup from the iCloud.

Erasing permanently everything that seems harmful

While you are using the iTunes recovery mode, you can permanently delete everything that seems harmful and damaging. Use only the basic applications you need, and never download anything that looks suspicious. Sometimes, you can use protective applications, or even system repair software, but you should also be careful and use only approved and legit apps.

How to perform a factory reset on my iPhone?

That depends on the model you own. As you know, iPhone X and newer versions don’t have the home button, and the way they work is a little bit different compared to 5/5s and later models, ending with 8/8+ and X-series. For example, for iPhone 6 and previous versions, you need to hold the Volume Down button together with the Home button and wait for the phone to restart. For 7 and 7+ you need to press the Volume Down and Power button. If you need to reset an iPhone 8 or later, you need to press the Volume Up, Volume Down, and the side Power button together, until the Apple logo appears, and see if it let you use the device.

Usually, this way works like a charm, and you can even save some of the data that was synced with your iCloud address.

Some practical tips

These phones are optimized to be user-friendly, and even beginners or inexperienced adults can adapt easily to the way they work. Android devices give more options for customizing the interface and using third-party apps. But, Apple doesn’t allow those actions to their clients, because safety and security are important to them.

That’s only one of the reasons why people say that breaking an iPhone (in the means of software and applications) is a piece of art, and not everyone can do that. So, we have a few advises for every iOS user:

  1. Don’t install apps you are not sure how they work
  2. Ensure you are keeping the location hidden
  3. Use only original chargers and headphones
  4. Don’t click suspicious links
  5. Don’t install beta-versions of the operating system if you are not an Apple developer

It’s on you to protect your device and be responsible for it. iPhones are an expensive investment and sure it’s frustrating when it doesn’t work properly. But, be aware that after a few years you need to replace your device, because Apple is stopping the support for older models, and you won’t receive the newest updates. If you want to be a loyal Apple user, you need to follow their guidelines and be aware that owning their device is more than an everyday phone or tablet, and you need to take care of it regularly.

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