Can You Use Coffee Capsules Without a Machine?

Nothing wakes you up like a hot sip of your first-morning coffee. So, if you have your coffee capsule and you do not have a suitable machine to process it and make your favorite steamy brew, worry not! There are ways to extract that magical grounded bean stored safely in a capsule and start your day with a cup of your favorite coffee blend. All you need is goodwill, practical knowledge, your coffee capsules, and hot water.

Coffee has been enjoyed all across the globe for centuries. Although there are two major types of coffee, people mostly consume a specific mixture of these types, while the ratio varies from blend to blend. The proud members of this coffee duo are Arabica and Robusta.

The first one sustains aromas and aromatic oils in abundance and originates from Ethiopia. Nowadays it is cultivated on the altitudes reaching from 800 to 1200 meters. It is more delicate than her sister, Robusta, but they love to hang out with each other.

On the other hand, Robusta descends from Kongo, and, as its name suggests, is a more robust and resistant sibling of the coffee representees. While Arabica is famous for its flavors, Robusta is known for its higher caffeine content. Therefore, the taste in blends often draws its quality from the Arabica beans, while that little thing that makes us stay awake comes mostly from Robusta.

Although these two variants are basic, they are rarely consumed on their own. Since coffee is now produced on a larger broader scale worldwide, every soil where it is grown leaves a personal touch to the structure and taste of the final product. Therefore, different coffee beans are mixed to create a specific blend of coffee with its unique characteristics. Apart from global coffee brands, even local coffee shops make their own craft mixtures, created to be pleasant on the palate and exhilarating to the spirit.

Although nowadays people frequently drink espresso coffee mostly being served around coffee shops and bars worldwide, capsulated coffee consumption has been on a steady rise for decades. Slightly different from the pods which are intended for single use only, capsules are more likely to sustain quality and flavor thanks to the type of packaging. Namely, the ground coffee from within the capsule has been deprived of the negative effects of oxygen, therefore keeping the aroma intact while keeping the taste. This whole process is made easier thanks to the possibilities the capsule filling machine provides. You may also view more about the gains of this type of usage at afpkg.

On the other hand, paying for your espresso every time you are in need of a sip of coffee may prove to be an expensive hobby. Although owning a coffee machine represents a decent substitute, purchase of this commodity may be out of one’s area of comfort, since not everyone can afford it. Therefore, we are presenting you with alternative ways of making coffee in your own setting in the comfort of your home.

The simplicity of this procedure is what makes it so great. So, all you need to do is to put on some water to boil in a kettle or a similar cooking dish big enough to hold the amount of liquid required for your drink. On the other side, prepare a mug and a strainer, preferably steel, because plastic strainers may distort when exposed to high temperatures. Next thing is to put a capsule inside your strainer and pour the nearly boiling water over the capsule. Wait for a few minutes, steer your coffee well and, voilà! Remove the capsule, add sugar or milk if you prefer, and enjoy your homemade beverage. Owning a strainer is not obligatory, so if you lack one, just put the capsule straight into the mug and pour hot water over it. Remove it after a good steer and you are good to go.

Another way of making your favorite beverage is by using a famous French press. Certainly, you have to be in possession of a French press to make it possible. So, the process is quite similar to the one described before. You need nearly boiling water to pour over the coffee. The reason why we do not use boiling water is that the high temperature exterminates the essential oils in charge of the flavor. The next thing you should do is to cut open the capsule and place the content inside the French press. The preheated water follows and you wait for about five minutes. And finally, you push the handle to separate the sediment from your precious liquid. Wait for another half minute and enjoy your coffee!

And last but not the least, the Cowboy method. If drinking coffee is your passion and you cannot imagine going through the day without the assistance of this redolent drink, then this one particular trick may prove to be very useful to you. Namely, whether you choose to go camping or decide to loosen up with your friends for the weekend somewhere where you will be deprived of benefits of electric energy, you will be able to ensure your daily dosage of coffee under solely one condition. That is that someone present knows how to start a fire. Namely, heat up the water in a pot or wherever you find suitable and cut your coffee capsule open. Put the content of the capsule in your pot, steer it vigorously, and leave it to settle for a few minutes. Wait for the sediment to calms down at the bottom of your cruse and start sipping your long-awaited guilty pleasure.

Whether you enjoy your coffee strong, decaffeinated, sweetened, or milk enhanced, there are ways to prepare it on your own. Although the taste will differ from the espresso you usually get in your favorite coffee shop, you just may discover a tendency to home-brewed coffee. After all, it is not only more affordable, but you can do it as soon as you leave your bed sheet in the morning. Therefore, until you get yourself a machine to extract the goods, perfecting your home coffee brewing skills could prove to be a wise decision.

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