10 Things You Didn’t Know About Influencer Phenomenon Macy Mariano

If you haven’t scrolled through this woman’s Instagram yet, you are missing out. Up and coming Instagram star Macy Mariano, known as @wanderwithmacy, has us in awe and we are here for it. Her daily posts on her social media platforms are making us wish we had her outfits, shoes, beauty, and tremendous long legs. She’s young, goofy, has amazing style, shoe game, and we are just dying to get to know her more. So, get ready to see Macy in a whole new way. There is always more than meets the eye.

1. Favorite Country Traveled To

  • Seeing from her amazing yet curated Instagram profile, Macy has definitely gone to some beautiful, off-the-grid places. We have seen her talk about Iceland very often and we think that is her favorite country thus far she has been. Some others that we think she raves about are Punta Mita, Mykonos, Exumas, and Bali.

2. The Oldest

  • Only the closest to her would know, but Macy is a part of a big family. She’s the oldest of four other siblings, making them a total of five kids. Macy is currently 28 years of age and the rest of her siblings are 21+, making their relationships quite fun! All siblings get along very well and the majority do live in FL.

3. Her Dating Life

  • Now, this may be tough to figure out, but we have only seen Macy date one guy in the recent past. We stalked and this mystery guy is still pictured on her Instagram from a year ago. Now, Macy has told us she is single and is looking for a new guy! Get in line fellas, because her dating life is about to blow up. From sources, we know she is looking for a relationship, but from past situations, it won’t be easy to win her hand.

4. Macy Loves Tattoos

  • You could probably see them from her gorgeous images from Instagram, but Macy has tattoos. We counted six! We think they have sentimental meaning. She exposes a wave, triangle, script, a rose bud, and two phrases of two words. We love her recent “good girl” tattoo, which is super pretty and minimal placed on her right outer shoulder. She plans to get at least four more on her right arm. She has gotten her most recent ones at her favorite place Iris Tattoo Wynwood.

5. Calling all Guys, She’s a Beer Gal

  • Macy loves beer! We have seen a couple images of her with beer and also her playing some drinking games with beer on her stories. She recently did some content with Blue Moon and Stella Artois, which she confirms Blue Moon and Light Sky are her favorites. It seems Macy only drinks hard liquor rarely and on special occasions. We have confirmed that all it takes to win Macy’s heart is a cooler of ice-cold beer, a boat, and some Rock N Roll.

6. She Has Only Three Best Friends

  • Even though being known in her large Miami community, Macy does have a small circle of friends. One that has a huge following is Instagram model and law student, Jilissa Ann Zoltko; we have seen Jilissa throughout her stories almost weekly. The two have grown fairly close over the past three years. Macy also has a younger sister Kenzie Mariano and they are known to have a close relationship. She’s also super close with Jessica Martin, also a local influencer and model in Miami.

7. She’s a Scorpio

  • Determining what sign, you are seems to prove and analyze compatibility these days. We did some scrolling and Macy is a Scorpio! Her birthday is on October 28. Even though we see images of Macy every day at the pool or beach, she is an introvert and homebody, which are traits of the sign. In her past dating scenarios, very early on, she has dated a Gemini Man, a Leo, and a few Capricorns. Her latest relationship, which broke off back in January 2020, was with a Leo man and said to have been her longest-lasting relationship. Although from sources, it was said to have been a fantastic relationship, the two do not remain friends.

8. Outdoors and Horses, We Think So!

  • We know that Macy loves city life, but at heart, she was born in Charlotte with relatives that once lived on acres of land in Virginia. We are also thinking that it’s about time we get Kendall Jenner and Macy together for a horse-riding session because Macy used to excel in the sport of Equestrian. She has admitted that it was one of the first sports she ever did and really came to love. She used to own a horse named Periwinkle. After that followed with tennis and basketball at a young age. We think that she is a major tom boy at heart.

9. Sicilian and Scottish Descendants

  • Her last name sounds like it could be of Italian descent. Well, it is! We have uncovered that most of Macy’s background is of Sicilian ancestry on her father’s side of the family. She is also Scottish and of course an American at heart. She does not speak much Italian, but she has learned some of the language from previous relationships. From a recent discovery from Ancestry, she does belong to ancestor migrations from Greece, Italy, and America from the 1800’s.

10. Heels or Sneakers? …Obviously Sneakers!

  • Hailing at roughly six feet tall, who wouldn’t pick sneakers over heels? Glancing at her Instagram, Macy has quite the shoe collection and we are absolutely raving about it! This girl has got a sneaker style. We have seen her wearing mostly Air Force 1’s and her prized Jordan 1 Obsidian’s. She has revealed that she shops for her sneakers at Stockx and usually, we have been seeing a new pair almost every month.
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