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8 Best Remote Jobs and Careers for Remote Workers

Also known as telecommuting or working from home, this is what we call a job done in a place separate from an office. Remote workers do not have a physical job, and in many cases, your company does not even have a real-world location, they only interact with your company and coworkers through remote means, such as the internet or via telephone.

If we are clear about something, it is that this type of jobs are not a fad. Many believe that it will be the future and many others are already putting it into practice. Even many companies have established partially remote working days and the results both in productivity and satisfaction level are encouraging.

The multinational Microsoft carried out a study in this regard in which 3,600 employees from 36 cities around the world participated. 41% of the interviewed people expressed their satisfaction with this and another 15% of the interviewees considered that this method is positive and would like to it be implemented into their company.

So today we will present to you the best remote jobs.

1. Translator

If you have the specific knowledge and master one or more languages, here you can have the opportunity to exploit your instruction with this line of work. Many companies in the world require the translation of important documents, which is why it is one of the profitable professions in the different telework platforms.

Speaking more than one language will always be a great benefit to compete for a project you are applying to. Today there are many projects that are based on translations, there are a wide variety of things you can do if you are bilingual, you just have to put your knowledge into practice and do it in the right way.

2. Content creation

To create content for a website, blog, or online news magazine, you must have journalistic knowledge and thus exploit it in this field. Writing for a traditional newspaper, television or radio is not the same. At the web level, the way of creating content changes, but the journalistic essence is the same, so it is important to know this topic.

However, if you do not have the experience in this field, you can only learn little details so that the content you generate is of quality and meets the client’s objectives, but it will always be better to have a little more instruction on how to write an article for the network. In different marketplaces, there are large amounts of offers to create content on the Internet.

3. Advertising on social networks

Thousands of companies around the world are always constantly updating their marketing strategies, just as hundreds of companies start their day-to-day work and, of course, require advertising on social networks, powerful tools to grow their businesses. If you have the skills in this field, you could apply to be hired and generate a good campaign that will make them grow.

Advertising is of great importance since the majority of the population uses at least one social network. This is why there are many remote workers who hire on different platforms to take charge of advertising companies on social networks.

4. Transcriber

A transcriptionist is a professional who converts audio files or recordings into a written format in either the same or a different language.

Virtually any recording can be transcribed, but the most in-demand jobs are conferences, presentations, workgroups, interviews, speeches, television programs, focus groups, telephone conversations and dictations.

The profession of a transcriptionist is one of the most used by freelancers since you do not need to have any experience to access it, you just have to know the correct way to do it and in less than you imagine you will have mastered the subject perfectly.

5. Customer service

The customer support professionals is very enjoyable and profitable as long as you like to help people solve their needs. One of the main ideas of this work is to answer emails so that users are satisfied. With the necessary knowledge, you can quickly become an expert.

For good customer service you must meet some conditions, such as having effective communication, the ability to solve problems, of course having technical capacity, in addition to social skills and you could not miss excellent spelling and grammar.

6. Web designer

Web development with code is a profession that requires a lot of effort and dedication, if you have this knowledge this is your opportunity to improve your income through freelance platforms. There are many companies that would love to have their website customized or renew it.

However, if you only know web design through content managers such as WordPress or Joomla, you also have the great opportunity to make money online, the needs of companies are diverse and do not necessarily require complex websites to boost their business.

7. Social media manager

He is the professional in charge of giving social media a business and strategic focus. In other words, this profile prepares and plans the strategy that the Community Manager will subsequently execute in the different campaigns. If you only provide your services for a company in your area, why not work remotely and provide your contingent to other companies around the world and generate higher income.

In order to execute an innovative strategy, the Social Media Manager must follow the latest trends in the field and be familiar with the main monitoring tools and their updates. Just Ladders has an offer of for more than 900 social media jobs, imagine how much you can find all over the internet.

8. Virtual assistant

This task requires a little more effort and commitment, since you must be in complete connection with the client, you will be his right hand or even his diary. This profession has great advantages because it allows you to develop long-term projects and your payments are really satisfactory.

Any professional with academic training or skills and abilities acquired through experience who wants to earn from home offering their professional services remotely can be a virtual assistant.


If you are one of these professionals or if you know of any related topic, you can start remote working on the different platforms that currently exist, you just have to register, build a good profile and apply for different customer requests.

If you are already a professional in any of these branches, what are you waiting for to apply? If you are not, you can still professionalize yourself in one of the platforms to study via the Internet.



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