For Her: Top 9 Wedding Dress Trends of 2020

This year has been tumultuous where events, especially weddings, are altered in response to the pandemic measures. However, a recent survey by The Knot, a wedding planner company, presented a survey result wherein about 52 percent of couples are pushing their celebrations for this year.

This year is certainly a challenge, but couples prove their hope, optimism, and love despite the current situation. Are you planning to push through the event? Make sure you know the trends this year and go to a renowned online store such as Bidalxoxo! If you’re not sure what to pick, then here are the deets on what wedding dresses are trending this year!

1. Whimsical Floral Print Design

Want to have a spring theme? Then you surely want to complete your look with a floral design! Make your big day a showstopper and whimsical with floral wedding dresses, especially if you don’t feel like wearing a traditional white.

This year, floral printed dresses are trendy, whether they are subtle and pastel or edgy and bold— there are lots of possibilities. Thus, rock your spring-themed union with this feminine design and make the most out of it!

2. Royal Ball Gown Design

Isn’t it every girls’ dream to be a princess one day? Alongside with your prince charming and a crowd cheering for your romance, you’ll sigh in adoration. If you are hoping you would be the darling princess on your big day, then that dream is not now far off, since ball gowns are back as a trend.

Grab your prince charming’s attention and everyone else with a classic ball gown. Since this type of gown is versatile, you may go along with a thick satin or with billowy sleeves. No matter the details, you’ll surely be a head-turner on that special day.

3. Ruffles for the Hopeless Romantic

Love is war, and with the ruffles’ history, it was a sign of a soldier returning from the battle— isn’t that a joyous and hopeful feeling? Like romance, many challenges come along with the relationship, and it sure feels like finally coming home with the upcoming matrimonial ceremony.

Thus, as the ruffles resurface the trends this year, make your ceremony more romantic with ruffles or frills as a detail of your gown. With this said, you can opt for a skirt with ruffles that add dimension to a mermaid cut, or you can go for a fashion-forward cascading ruffle.

4. Vintage Corset Dresses

Want something vintage yet modern? Then the corset style might be the right one! This Victorian-era underwear is now a trend that propelled the fashion world starting off the decade and is making a comeback this 2020.

If you are a bride who’s in for a vintage yet modern look and you are looking for a style that leans a little on something sexy and figure-hugging, then this might be for you!

5. Elegant Long-Sleeved Style

Ever since Duchess Kate Middleton flaunted her stunning yet straightforward regalia during her royal union ceremony, long sleeves have continued to grace the bridal collections. Simple and elegant, this is a must for brides who want to flaunt effortless beauty.

This type is known for its versatility. The long-sleeved style can always be innovated into a new design. It has executed its adaptability to the changing trends by its staying power. From a high-octane Victorian style to sleek and simple sheer designs —your choice is vast.

6. Airy Wedding Dresses

From heavy ball gowns, to clean cuts and sheer sheaths, the next-in-line are the light-as-air gowns that became the craze this 2020 took over the runways. Light, airy, and effortless, the fabrics used for this type of clothing are tulle and organza, which both give off a gorgeous vibe without any added bulk to the wearer.

If you are bothered by the bulkiness of the traditional or usual wedding gowns, this style might fit your preference. It can also be perfect for a simple ceremony, especially in this current situation.

7. Chic Leg Slit Wedding Dresses

Leg slits are a favorite style during a red carpet Hollywood walk—you can never go wrong with it. Looking for a fabulous, chic, sexy, yet modest at the same time? Surprise your groom and guests with your look through this type of wedding dress trend!

Not only that, but you can also flaunt your beautiful legs with this one, so go and be that attention-grabbing bride!

8. 80’s Inspired Puffy Sleeves

Want to relive the 80’s and be like Princess Diana? Then take the 80’s inspired puffy sleeves as your model of preference. This design was famous in the maximalist era, wherein brides loved ruffly and off-shoulder puffy sleeves deemed romantic and princess-like.

Now, if you are thinking about how bulky it would be to have a sizeable puffy sleeve with a ball gown, try a different approach. If you want a puffy sleeve yet less bulky, look for a slim silhouette and keep the rest simple. With this, the only bulky-looking would be the sleeve while keeping it neat.

9. Short Dress Fashion

Another one of the most straightforward trends of 2020 is that shorter styles are in demand for this year’s brides. Frome tea-length, ballerina and cocktail length types, the growing popularity of this gown fashion is a one-step away from tradition.

You can get creative with this type of clothing since you wouldn’t have to worry about your movements during the walk or dance. It can also be a perfect excuse to show some legs and pair them with beautiful shoes.


Matrimonial ceremonies are proof of a couple’s promise of a lifetime. Although this year started tough, there is no greater joy for a couple to be wed with their guests as their witness to their sacred ceremony. As such, your guests might be limited due to social distancing measures. However, the bride’s dream wedding dress shouldn’t be compromised along with other things.

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