Tia Mowry hid in the bathroom from her family and drank wine

We’ve all done what we can to get through quarantine with a fraction of the sanity we went into with. Some have doubled their exercise routine, some have baked up a storm, some live in a constant state of denial – and then there’s Tia Mowry who hid in the bathroom just to get away from her family. Tia, who is stuck at home with her husband, Cory Hardrict, and two kids, Cree, eight, and Cairo, two, is desperately trying to find some time by herself. So she locked herself in the bathroom with a glass of wine for a few moments of peace.

A DIY getaway! Tia Mowry had to get creative when she needed some alone time from her husband, Cory Hardrict, and their two children amid the coronavirus quarantine.

“I locked myself in the bathroom with a glass of wine,” the Sister, Sister alum, 41, exclusively told Us Weekly in a recent episode of Quarantine Confessions while promoting her line of vitamins, Anser. “There’s a picture of me on Instagram with a glass of wine. I was hiding from my children and my husband. So there have been many of those moments.”

Mowry shared that she’s been indulging in wine while in self-isolation to the point where she gave herself consistent heartburn. However, she’s cut back on her consumption in recent weeks.

“Let’s just say I had to order another box of wine,” the Family Reunion star admitted. “I do about half a bottle every other day, so that should tell you. But I have slowed down. I have said, ‘You know what? Only on the weekends, because that acid reflux.’ But when [we] first started this quarantine, I was like, ‘Oh, my God, Tia.’”

Both CB and I have said a few times now that we are so grateful to be quarantining with teenagers and not small children. In the first place, teens don’t need to be entertained, they can occupy themselves, so it’s a lot less work for me. Secondly, teens don’t always want to hang out with their parents and quarantine has made my teens and my friends’ teens seek us out. It’s been kind of nice. But it’s nice because it’s not constant, like I am sure a two-year-old’s need to be with mom would be. And even with teens, I didn’t realize how much I needed some time to myself until I went to the store alone the other day and took the looong way home. Like three, four miles out of the way route home. I could totally see Tia trying to escape by any means necessary.

As for Tia ordering “a second box of wine”, I admit, I imbibed more than usual the first two weeks of lockdown. I rarely, if ever, have liquor during the week, only some wine with dinner but at the start of quarantine, I found myself settling with a finger of scotch with dessert (oh yeah, I also leaned into desserts). Like Tia, my health brought that to an abrupt halt. For me it was menopausal migraines that caused me to cut out all alcohol for weeks at a time. I think in an effort to cope with lockdown, our first inclinations were to go for normal comforts like a glass of wine or chocolate and such. But those things are generally comforting because we have them rarely. Once they become constants, they aren’t comforting anymore. So we’ve had to find something else. I replaced them watching too much TV, but I’ve soured on that. So now I’m looking for my next vice. Tia’s been crying a lot lately, “due to feeling ‘overwhelmed’ by her new environment.” I might give that a try – crying myself out until I need a nap. I’m open to suggestions.

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