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Celebrate Father’s Day With 12 Comic Book Superheroes Who Are Also Super Dads (Photos)


While all fathers are indeed superheroes in the eyes of their children, in the world of comics many fathers are also actual superheroes. So to honor the real world heroes, TheWrap brings you 12 of the best comic book dads. Some are father figures, some are actually heroes, and some are just the kind of dads who help guide their children to become superheroes in their own right. 

Black LightningOn The CW series based on the DC comic, High School principle Jefferson Pierce is a father figure to his students and a loving father to his daughters. And when his daughters are kidnapped by the 100 gang, he comes out of retirement as the hero Black Lightning in what has to be the ultimate superhero dad move.

Reed Richards/Mr. FantasticReed Richards is the cool kind of dad who promises to take the family on vacation and then does it -- to uh, outside of the known universe so he can teach his son Franklin how to create universes. 


T'ChakaLike his Marvel Comics counterpart, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe T'Chaka is king of Wakanda, and formerly served as Black Panther for decades before passing the mantle to his son T'Challa. He also raised his daughter Shuri to be a super genius scientist whose inventions power Wakanda and make Black Panther an even greater warrior.


Luke CageLuke doesn't just have bullet proof skin and superhuman strength going for him. He's also a doting dad to daughter Danielle, who he had with fellow superhero and wife Jessica Jones. Cage certainly puts family first, and has quit the Avengers on numerous occasions in order to spend more time with his family.  

Thomas WayneYou already know he's Bruce Wayne's father, but Thomas Wayne got the chance to be a Dark Knight in his own right after the Flash changed history during the "Flashpoint" DC Comics crossover event. In the new timeline, Thomas became Batman after his son, Bruce, was killed in a robbery. He eventually sacrifices his own life to help set the timeline right and give his son a chance to live. As he dies, he gives Barry Allen a letter for his son Bruce, urging him not to become consumed by loss, and to find hope and love again. No you're crying, not me.


OdinPerhaps the dad of this list who epitomizes tough love, as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Odin is strict and stubborn, but ultimately does everything he can to give his kids a good life. he's not above using tough love tactics -- like de-powering Thor and banishing him to Earth. But he's also always down to support Thor in the end.


Tony Stark"I love you 3000" anyone? The ultimate dad phrase comes from the former playboy turned surrogate father to Tom Holland's Spider-man and doting dad to daughter Morgan in "Avengers: Endgame." Bonus dad points for making that video to Morgan at the end of of the movie

Howard StarkA surrogate father to Captain America back in the day during the super soldier serum experiment, and also Tony Stark's dad. Being a dad to two of Earth's mightiest heroes cements his place on this list.


Jor-ElHow can Superman's father not be on the list? If saving the life of your only son -- and through him, your entire civilization -- by putting him in a rocket to Earth to avoid the destruction of planet Krypton isn't a superhero dad move, then we don't know what is.

Bruce WayneEasily the tough loving micro managing sports dad of this list who pushes his wards like Dick Greyson, Jason Todd, Time Drake, and his only son Damien to reach their fullest potentials, much to their frustrations.


Mr. IncredibleThey only superhero dad from the Pixar bunch who just happens to also be incredible.


Alfred PennyworthAlfred raised Bruce Wayne after his parents were killed, and continued to serve as his staunchest supporter and confidante when Bruce embarked on his war on crime as Batman. He's been there during Batman's darkest moments, always ready to stitch up Bruce, wash his batsuit, makes sure he gets proper nutrition and rest, call out Bruce on his nonsense, and even suit up as Batman himself if he has to.


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