7 SEO Tips Digital Marketers Can Use to Boost Website Traffic

The goal at the back of every digital marketer’s mind is always more. To ensure your site makes more sales has more customers, and generate more traffic. While at this point, everyone has a good idea that SEO can help with that, finding ways to implement it can be a headache. So if you’re asking yourself, ‘how can I use SEO to boost website traffic?’ you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to be discussing seven simple tips that can help you, as a digital marketer, get more.

1. Keywords are vital tools

So you’ve gone out and done your research. Your content is educative, exciting, and exactly what your audience needs to hear. But for some reason, the traffic on your website is still pretty low. You have to help your audience find your content in the large pool of results they have access too. Don’t let the term confuse you either; keywords can be more than a word. They are more accessible and more specific to what your audience needs. So instead of using just ‘vacuum’ as your bait, try using ‘budget-friendly hardwood floor vacuum.’

2. Be diverse with your content

As the cliché goes, variety is the spice of life, and it’s true. You need to mix things up to keep your regular customers coming back for more and attract more traffic. There are two different ways you can go about diversifying your site.

Invite other writers from your niche to write an article or two. Just the way series occasionally invite famous guest stars, you can also invite guest bloggers. When you do, the guest blogger is likely to refer to your page and draw on their already established traffic.

Change the format of your content – Keep your viewers engaged by varying your content. Experiment with the number of words for different topics. You can even add multimedia like videos, pictures, and polls to keep it interactive.

3. Use your socials to your advantage

Nobody is going to market your website like you. So go out there and advertise your content without shame. Actively go out of your way to promote your own content. Share it on all the social media pages you own, even LinkedIn. LinkedIn is gaining more recognition as a professional form of networking. Sharing your content with your professional network can establish a guru in that industry and boost your site traffic. It’s important to note the difference between putting your content out there and spamming the public. Learn the right amount, day and time that fits each social media platforms, and capitalize on it. Noting the tone of each platform can also help you in tailoring your accompanying caption.

4. Keep tabs with Email marketing

Yes, there are lots of new tools to help digital marketers in the industry today. But a good marketer knows how to balance modern technology with the old. Email marketing, for example, is a more traditional method that is often overlooked, and that’s a mistake. When used correctly, it can be highly effective at assuring a steady flow of traffic to your doorstep.  How? It’s a much personal form of communicating and feels more like a one-on-one. You can update your subscribers about changes to your site, or alert them when you have new content. Whatever you do, stay in the middle ground. Too little and your subscribers can forget you, too much and you can drive them away.

5. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly

Have you ever been searching for something on the internet and stumbled on a page that wasn’t mobile friendly? Those pages require you to scroll from left to right to read an entire sentence. Or the ones where the text is way too tiny, and you have to zoom in. If you know how annoying that is to you, why are you doing the same thing to your viewers? Stop putting your readers through that. It’s awful for traffic, and many people will exit without reading a word. If you’re not sure that your site is mobile-friendly, then you need to check. Try opening it on your phone, and make adjustments to the format as you see necessary to keep mobile users engaged.

6. Speed up your page loading time

According to Techsplace, at least once or twice in your research history, you must have abandoned a page for its slow loading time. Are you sure people aren’t doing the same with your page? A single second can mean a lot of difference in your site’s traffic. Several potential visitors will abandon your page if it takes longer than 3 seconds on average to open. If you notice that your site takes a lot of time to begin, you can try a different hosting provider.  Before doing that, you can try optimizing your coding or using a content distribution network. You can also get rid of redirects and compress your photos before uploading them.

7. Strategize, review and repeat

Yes, it’s essential to utilize and experiment with several SEO strategies and find what works for you. But using all the previously mentioned tips won’t do you much good if you don’t track and monitor them. Continuously monitor and analyze each SEO campaign and compare it with previous results. The results you would like to achieve. It’s not too much to even set up a team of SEO savvy employees to integrate long-term strategies for your site. Boosting traffic requires maximum effort for maximum results, and you won’t get that without reviewing your processes. Implement your plan, analyze and, if necessary, evaluate the results, then repeat.


So there you have it, 7 SEO tips digital marketers can use to boost website traffic. SEO is really a brilliant tool to help you maximize traffic. But if you fail to utilize it at all, or even correctly, it can also backfire horribly. Still unclear about how to use these tips yourself? That’s fine.

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