9 Ways to Improve Your Academic Writing in 2020

Papers and documents are written to explain, discuss, and research about some specific agenda are called academic writings. They the determinant of whether one is improving academically or not, students are gauged on the basis of the quality of academic writing they present. Excellent and productive academic writing doesn’t come overnight, and it’s not a walk in the park as many people are thinking. It takes extra effort and dedication to improve academic writing to meet certain requirements as echoed by Acemyhomework. Bearing in mind the significance of academic writing, it’s necessary and timely that good quality writing should be the priority of everyone. This set of writings are of various types as e.g., research papers, essays, dissertation, among other forms. However, there are ways that can be used to improve academic writing of all kinds, have in mind that good academic writing will earn more marks and a higher academic reputation.

1. Read More Materials

To develop and improve, be sure to expand your area of coverage through reading more writings. This will inject more skills that will ensure you upgrade the relevant skills needed for academic writing. While doing so, evaluate how the techniques have been diploid. It’s scientifically proven that the more you read, the more relevant and familiar you become with writings. Academic writing is dynamic, and therefore keeping yourself updated is essential. Note all the styles that have been used in the documents and transfer important ideas. Enriching academic writing means bringing in new ideas and expanding the capacity to a level that can accommodate effectiveness.

2. Good Plan

Everything that requires improvement originates from a properly planned schedule. The questions of what needs to be improved are addressed here. Additionally, this is where you plan how you think your academic writings should be done. This comes after you’ve realized and learned some constructive concepts from other materials. Good organization means perfect and incredible academic writing; finding reasons why you need to write explains a lot and very helpful in improvement. This results in an outline, which will sum all the stages needed in your writings. Concluding on this, the plan helps you focus and being realistic as well as being logical.

3. Be Familiar With Styles

Academic writing tends to borrow a lot from the traditional writing styles, the introduction comes first, followed by the main body, then the conclusion comes last. Improving academic writing demands the improvement of the whole package starting from the styles and the appropriate use of grammatical phrases. This supports why wide research and should be done because you must be familiar with old and most commonly used styles. You can advance and improve these old styles, the main focus and very important aspect of it all are that you should be relevant in terms of styles. Among the tools of good academic writing is a catchy and attractive heading or title. The audience and people targeted finds it easy to criticize and read through writing that has been perfectly and effectively introduced.

4. Conduct A Thorough  Research

The responsibility remains yours as a person who needs to improve academic writing to do more research on what you want. The common knowledge and principle of a smart student are to go for what she/he wants if you need something to create a chance to conduct a though and conclusive research on the same. You’ll be able to know the trend as far as academic writing is concerned, otherwise, improvement means catching up with updated and current academic trends.

5. Be Thorough In Your Explanation

The expectation of academic writing is to explain thoroughly and discuss certain topics, and without forgetting, academic writings are to display your educational experiences and knowledge. For this to be accomplished effectively, an explanation must be done exemplarily. And if possible, let your explanation paints some picture in the minds of your audience, this greatly improves your academic writing and adds more value to your capability. Strong and mature sentences are advised because there is a sense in which readers are able to visualize the real scenario presented in the paper. In other words, the whole body of academic writing is all about explanation, good and strong points without explanation backup are useless. Once more, invest in explanation and convincing power.

6. Be Ready To Accept Correction

Human beings were created to listen first and respond later, this principle works in the area academics too. Correction and directions are similar scenarios that every writer should listen to before anything else. Your friends and your audience will ask questions, and some will criticize your work. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and improve your academic writing, the old saying that says that ‘he who heeds correction and accept them is wise’ is very valid even in the world of academics. You might have forgotten some important points, but it won’t pass unnoticed in the hands of the hardworking and constructive editors. So, it’s necessary that one should develop a teachable spirit so as to accommodate excellence.

7. Embrace Diversity Of Sentences

Both short and long sentences are applicable and essential in academic writing, for an improvement, one must be able to mix the two harmoniously so to come up with a whole complete sect writing that communicates effectively. The sentences are to be structured in a particular way, this involves the use of specific phrases such as prepositional phrases or any other phrase. It is essential when one is expanding some short sentences; this will qualify your academic writing to the next higher level.

8. Personal Revision And Editing

As simple as it may seem, it weighs a lot concerning the quality of academic writing. Depending on the subject or the topic, go through your work once again and countercheck for any error or any mistake present. This will give you time to listen to what you’ve done and gauge yourself, whether it’s meeting the requirement that was set by the assignment. Mistakes are for human, but this isn’t an excuse for a poorly done work. Take editing and revision seriously.

9. Writing Your Routine

After mastering all the mentioned above, here is the conclusion of everything. People learn, develop, and improve when they take the initiative to practice writing daily, familiarity and consistency are the most important thing in improving academic writing. It then calls for a portion of time every day to perfect everything. Writing should take at least 30 minutes of your time daily, this is approximated to be enough. However, it works best when combined with reading and doing research daily. No matter how small it might look, but it greatly counts. Write and write.

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