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Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t Coming in Your Gym if People Aren’t Wearing Masks


The only thing in the news recently has been the demonstrations for racial justice, so it may have slipped your mind that there’s still a virulent and deadly disease ravaging the country. We’ve all sort of gotten used to it and lowered our guard, but it’s still out there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t forgotten about it, though, as TMZ reports that he rolled up to the gym to work out, saw it was full of people not wearing masks and refused to step foot inside the building.

When he got to the front desk he was informed people needed to wear masks when they entered and when they were in certain common areas, but they do NOT require members to wear masks when working out.

Fact is … Gold’s is complying with the law — State regulations do not require people wearing masks when they lift, but Arnold’s way more concerned about safety — when people moan, grunt and handle the same weights, it’s risky.

The 72-year-old movie star/bodybuilder/politician, we’re told, will stay clear of Gold’s until people start wearing masks on the floor — or when there’s a vaccine.

That is smart. Arnold may look good but he is in his 70s and COVID gets worse the older you are.

TMZ also reported on a gym the governor should check out; Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach used shower curtains to construct plastic bubbles for people to work out in so their droplets don’t infect the gym’s other clients.

It’s reduced the capacity of the gym by half, but these are the kind of changes we’re going to have to make to live through the next few years. Be like Arnold; wear a mask and stay away from businesses that aren’t taking the proper precautions.



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