The Duke & Duchess of Sussex probably won’t launch Archewell this year?


I have believed for some time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would do a major rollout this year, where they would open a new Instagram account, launch their new charity and announce their new projects with a likely production company. Once we learned about the somewhat-authorized book, Finding Freedom, I thought that all of those moves would be timed specifically around the release of the book. It would make sense and it would be a massive PR push. Since Finding Freedom is coming out in August, that’s when I figured all of this would be launched. Guess what? Probably not! According to the Telegraph (the original source, although I’m using the Mail’s coverage), Meghan and Harry are postponing all of their launches until next year:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have postponed the public launch of their Archewell charitable foundation – and will focus their efforts towards the coronavirus crisis and Black Lives Matter movement, according to reports.

The Duke, 35, and Duchess, 38, stepped down as senior royals in January before moving to LA, where they are currently residing at Tyler Perry’s $18million Beverly Hills mansion in LA. However, it is believed the couple were planning to launch their non-profit organisation from Los Angeles in spring – after formally registering the name in the US.

According to The Telegraph, sources said it is now unlikely Archewell will be launched this year, with the public unveiling ‘not on the cards’ until 2021. It is believed the couple were responding to current affairs, redirecting their efforts to the Black Lives Matter cause and the wider repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘What’s absolutely clear is that they want to get it right and there’s no point in rushing,’ the source explained. ‘They are settling into a new life, a new era. This is about getting it right and making sure they are able to make the difference they want to make. This is about getting it right and making sure they are able to make the difference they want to make.’

Yeah, I get that they don’t want to step on the global newscycle about Black Lives Matter and all of that. But… they could have. I would genuinely like to see and hear from Meghan and Harry on the issues of the day, and to see them work on vital issues connected to the pandemic and BLM, like food insecurity, poverty, childhood trauma and more. And what’s driving me crazy is that Meghan and Harry don’t have an official Instagram at the moment – it must be driving Meghan crazy that she can’t post information about resources for BLM or Feeding America or whatever.

Meanwhile, Phil Dampier said words about Harry and Meghan as he promoted his book – get this – called Prince Philip: Wise Words and Golden Gaffes. Yes, let’s praise the racist old turd who is known for saying grossly offensive sh-t, while at the same time mocking the only member of the royal family who said something about whether black lives matter. Dampier said: “I think the lockdown has been good image-wise for all of the royals except for Harry and Meghan. They are the big losers in this because they now look somewhat isolated and somewhat irrelevant in this country. They still might have a massive role to play internationally or in America but I think people just shrug their shoulders in the UK.” Ah, yes, people just shrug whenever Harry and Meghan are mentioned, that must be why all of these colonizers can’t keep H&M’s names out of their mouths.

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