Ways to Wear Ear Cuffs and Look More Fashionable

Earrings are a piece of jewelry with a long tradition – people in ancient China adorned themselves with earrings and they use them to expressed their status. The same goes for the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. As long as the jewelry itself there is a tradition of piercing.

To date, traditional jewelry has not lost any popularity. They can be anything: chic, casual, sexy, playful. With real ones that make more than a fashion statement, underline your character. Although most women today have pierced ears, wearing them has been and of course is not reserved only for the female sex. If you decide to pierce your ear, you are completely in trend.

Also, before we suggest you some chic ways you can wear them, we have 4 hygiene tips for you:

  1. The operator must strictly wear disposable gloves and carefully disinfect hands.
  2. The earplug and cap must be kept in closed, disposable packaging.
  3. If a special instrument is used, it must not come into direct contact with the ear and must be disinfected after each use.
  4. This also applies to the punch workstation and all work surfaces.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of proper hygiene, we can move on to the more fun part. Discover below how to be like Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medina, Miley Cyrus and many other stars who started this trend. Look for inspiration among celebrity ladies and decorate your ear with new glittery accessories.

Fake it, till you make it – For anyone who doesn’t want their ears pierced right away: An ear cuff is a delicate, elegant and completely painless alternative. Give your ears the attention they deserve!

The more the better – Sometimes more is simply more! Whether it’s handcuffs for ears, pieces of ear, plugs, earrings … Our ears can’t get enough wild combinations. Set accents with a glittering diamond and let them shine through delicate jewelry in your favorite shapes. There is no limit to your imagination.

The days when we have only one on each ear are over. We want more. Get to the piercer because we can’t have enough holes!

Ways to wear it

Links – One, two, three … In some cases, it’s easier to stop counting. The classic trick is to buy several sizes of hoops and arrange them from the largest to the smallest, and you can hang them and change their pendants and pendants. A special category are the so-called. huggies that don’t even require a piercing but “hug” the ear.

Bling or twinkle, the choice is yours – Dazzling glow or subtle shimmer, the whole scale is at your disposal. We are especially weak that the Marie Tash brand, whose personalized combinations of diamond earrings have conquered the world of celebrities on the run.

Minimalism – One but valuable, plain stud earrings or combinations thereof only as long as they are refined and delicate. Condition? That it is strategically placed so that it captures light and surprises the looks that stop at it.

Double – This accessory is not for those with a low pain threshold – it is ranked as the second most painful piercing! Still, if you’re a Miley Cyrus fan and still have a pixie hairstyle, why not give it a try?

Shell – If Rihanna has it, it is already clear to you that it is one of the coolest trends in the beauty world. The earring is placed on the part of the ear that resembles a shell and can be in the shape of a ring.

Industrial Piercing – What is it? These are two connected piercing earrings in the shape of a bar, to which you can also add pendants for an additional effect!

Wisdom Piercing – The name of this piercing is derived from the Hebrew word daith, which means intelligence, or knowledge, and many claim that wearing an earring in this place can alleviate your migraines. We definitely recommend that you check this information with your doctor and prepare for an extreme level of pain when drilling a hole!

Four line – A very popular and elegant type, consisting of four lines, and actually gives the impression as if four hoops are next to each other. Click here to see how it looks.

Hoop – Make the rock star aware of yourself with a piercing that you can decorate with interesting rings and wear with hairstyles like sidecuts or braided fish bones. P.S. Black make-up is a must in this case!

Tragus – Scarlett Johansson has as many as eight piercings on her left ear, but at first glance it won’t seem like it because she decorates them with very small earrings. Tragus piercing is not too painful, and at the same time it looks the most sensual of all the mentioned.

Orbital – piercing means two holes very close to each other so that an earring is worn, which consists of an upper and lower part that are connected through the cartilage. This name refers more to the type of it than to the position itself.

Herlix – this is a cartilage puncture in the upper part of the ear and lately a series of three zircons in the front part is popular. Drilling cartilage versus helix is ​​also called anti-helix or rook piercing and is the perfect location for tiny earrings.

Lobe – In addition to implying any drilling of the fringe, it also refers to drilling a few holes (very often three) on the earlobe from the fringe upwards, by making a string that connects to the classic place where it is worn. This place is the least painful, considering that it has the least nerve endings. Piercing in this position is also the most widespread in the world.

Lobe plug – If you want to decorate your ear with a piercing called Lobe plug, there are two ways to get that famous hole in the lower part of the earlobe. For those who are impatient, there is a procedure with which it is currently created, but it is more recommended to use tapers, special pieces of jewelry that gradually stretch the skin.

Thus, 1 mm was obtained every four weeks. Research shows that those who opt for this type of piercing usually look for holes up to 10 mm in diameter.


In addition to the characteristic place on the bottom of ear, which is traditionally marked as a place for it, and in such a small space, it is possible to find places for more decorations. As many as 13 of them, and some say 16. If you can’t decide which part of the ear shell to pierce, the solution is a combination of several of them. Bring more subtle pieces of jewelry to your ear and make it a small work of art.

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