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Kevin Behr, an Entrepreneur on the Rise

You might have seen Kevin Behr on the second season of Deutsche Unternehmer, a German television show, however, what you might not know about this multi-faceted person is that he also owns ceramic coating company for vehicles. His television appearance made Kevin Behr a public figure, and heartthrob of the whole country, making people wanting to see more of this handsome face. It is expected that we might get to see more of Kevin Behr in 2020 as well. But the real person behind the good-looking face is multi-talented. This 29-year-old entrepreneur also appeared on many other television shows since the year 2018. He has also had a series of guest appearances in various television shows like Step by Step.

Kevin Behr also has a YouTube channel, which is gaining massive popularity where he talks about his company’s projects and exclusive customers, the rising entrepreneur is also active on Instagram as well with more than 10k followers. His YouTube channel is “CEEVBE,” and you can subscribe to his channel to know more about the person behind the whole concept of CEEVBE. His YouTube soon after it was launched became an instant hit not only in Germany but in the USA as well.

This German entrepreneur is the managing director of his company called VENALO, which is a Vehicle finishing company located near Baden-Baden. Kevin Behr specializes in the professional preparation and detailing of vehicles. Kevin Behr always develops his own ceramic sealer, meaning liquid glass sealant in collaboration with some trusted chemists. The company develops ceramic sealer transparently and color-neutral ceramic sealer with almost every type of vehicle.

All thanks to the robust surface bond that allows the seal to offer outstanding flexibility and durability. Because of the executed mono cool, the vehicle paint gets a brilliant profound shine and expands the customary vehicle sparkle massively. An uncommon covering was likewise produced for matt paints, which can be utilized for matt vehicles without increasing the level of shine. The seal can be scorched onto the vehicle paint using an infrared warmer, which empowers a significantly higher level of hardness to be accomplished.

Because of the high thickness of the material, not just the best shades of paint are shut, yet in addition, lopsidedness is filled. Kevin Behr’s seal offers incredible blocking obstruction against forceful synthetic substances or cleaning agents. The absorbent system additionally guarantees insurance against UV beams and different acids or ecological impacts.

Because of the pandemic, Kevin Behr had to cancel a few trips related to his business. But he is taking care of the new changes and engaged in conference calls with different clients. His innovative idea is in huge demand, but looking at the present challenging circumstances, the entrepreneur has postponed and halted a few projects and collaboration.

Take a look at Kevin Behr’s YouTube subscribers and his Instagram fan followers, and you will see how popular this man is. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Kevin Behr was studying IT at a University in Offenburg. And soon after the completion of his course, he started working with Eurocorps in Strasbourg (France).

A little about his personal life, Kevin Behr was born in Baden on April 2, 1991. He was also featured in an article called “10 ENTREPRENEURS WHO ARE CHANGING THE WORLD RIGHT NOW” by Sunrise News. It is always good to see a passionate young person rising to fame and glory with his hard work. One more interesting fact to note that Kevin Behr is that he is also an expert when it comes to designing and redesigning new and old websites simultaneously. If you take a look at Kevin’s work, you will see that he builds aesthetically appealing websites that are easy to navigate. He lives a simple life and gives importance to simplicity in everything that he does.

His down to earth demeanor and charismatic personality make Kevin a one of a kind person. Now, how many famous people that you follow designs impeccable websites and develop ceramic sealing for vehicles? The ceramic sealing that he produces is abrasion-resistant and hence provides robust protection in comparison to conventional vehicle polishes. You can follow Kevin on Instagram to know more about him. We can only hope for the best for Kevin Behr and his career and looking at the way this person is rising, we bet he will soon become one of the most famous faces in the whole world.



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