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6 Ways to Preserve the Memory of a Loved One

Losing someone that has been a huge part of your life is like losing a part of yourself. It is one of the hardest things a person can endure, but that is simply just how life works. We come and we go. This is something that we have to accept. All of us understand the fact that someday, we will start losing our family members or friends once they get older. When people start to get older, basically anything can happen and we cannot prevent that. Old age is natural, we can’t fight against it.

Death is certainly very scary at first, especially if you haven’t lost anyone so close to you before. Not being able to hug that person ever again is truly heartbreaking.

However, this does not mean that you have lost that person forever. While you might not be able to physically hold him/her, you can still keep that person in your mind. The memories you have of them, the experience you have shared, etc. are the ways to keep someone still present in your life.

Avoiding the memories of the person that you lost is not healthy at all. Many experts claim that people deal with grief much better when they have strong memories of the ones they have lost. To maintain those memories, it is best that you do something to preserve them. Here are some of the things you can do to truly preserve your memories.

1. Celebrate their birthday

Even though they are not physically present in this world anymore, you can still celebrate their birthday. Sure, your loved one will not be there to blow out the candles of the cake, but your family can now do that together. It is very important that you never forget his important person in your life. Celebrating a birthday this way will strengthen all of your memories you have of them.

At first, it will be sad and most of you will be crying. This is completely normal. Showing emotions about the one you lost shows just how strong your feelings are towards him/her. But, once all of you start reminding yourself of all the experiences you have shared with your loved one, the atmosphere will certainly brighten up. Have a few laughs, a few drinks and everything will get better. Be honest with each other and do not hold anything back.

2. Put up photos around your home

With today’s camera technology and with the ability to take high-resolution photography from your phone is truly amazing. You get to have hundreds of visual representations of your loved one. This is why I always remind everyone to take pictures when we are at a get together because who knows when something might happen, right?

I am sure that you probably already have a couple of photos of the man/woman you lost in your life and you can always sift through the gallery on your phone. But, if you truly want to preserve a memory, why not print the photo on a large canvas and put it up in your home. Put one in your bedroom next to your bed, put on in the hallway at the front door, and one in the living room too. This way, everywhere you go, you can remind yourself of your loved one.

3. The right type of burial

In the past, people did not have the ability to take pictures. Sure, they could paint, but only a select few were skilled artists. Creating a realistic image of someone was nearly impossible. In other words, the only way to preserve the memory of someone was through the gravestone. This tradition of engraving one’s name in stone is still common and very popular all around the world.

However, today, there are many different ways of burial, you do not have to settle for a graveyard. I believe the one that makes the most sense is cremation because you get to keep the ashes after the cremation. What you decide to do with them is entirely up to you. Whether you want to keep them in your living room or scatter them over the lake, it is your choice.

Some companies offer to turn ashes into diamonds. The idea that you get to use the ashes of the one you lost and turn it into something that you can always wear is amazing.

4. Start a tradition

The date when a loved one passes is something to mourn about. It is usually remembered as a sad day. I believe that this does not have to be the case every time. Why not turn that day into some kind of a tradition that will get all of you together and reminisce about the experiences with your loved one? It would be much better to create a tradition where you would be together with your family instead of being alone and mourning.

The best way to deal with grief is with close friends and family, not by yourself.

5. Watch videos you have of together

While a picture can be worth a thousand words and can bring you the most vivid memories, videos can do that even better. A video of your loved one or a video of all of you together will truly help you to preserve the most important memories. Always keep this video on your phone and whenever you feel sad or lonely, you can watch it. Whether you use it to laugh or to cry, it will still have a positive impact on you.

6. Keep doing the things you did together

Just because you have lost your partner or your friend, does not mean that you should stop doing your hobbies. If both of you loved to go on long walks in the forest then make sure you keep doing that. By repeating the experiences you had together, you will never forget about the person you lost.

By doing any of these things we mentioned above, you will truly preserve the memories you have of your loved ones.



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