8 Must Have Accessories Trends for Summer 2020

Summer 2020 is just ahead of us and usually, this is the time to restyle and show off your summer wardrobe. It’s time to take out those colors and funky designs! Although this year around, summer might be a bit different from what we expected, we can still make our outfits and closets shine for pool parties, hours in the garden, and trips to the beach.

This is why we have gathered the top accessory trends for summer 2020. Make sure to check them out to be up to date and ready to shine in the next few months! A little note on the side – those listed accessories are not in any ranking and inspired by what we have seen this year so far, and who knows what the next months will look like and reveal!

No. 1: Statement Necklaces

The comeback of the year. Most of us probably remember the times when almost everybody had a statement necklace. This year they have their great comeback. Finally, all of our dusty and safely stored jewelry will get a second life and the chance to shine again.

No. 2: Padded Headbands

Headbands have always been a nice piece of accessory for women. A nice woolen headband for autumn and winter or light and colorful scarf as an accessory in the hair for summer. Since 2019, a >new variation of headband has been spotted more and more – the padded headbands. You can find them in all colors and with different ‘cloth’, from satin to cotton, with beads, and of course also plain.

This is the perfect accessory for a quick and easy hairstyle, especially for those real Monday mornings when you missed your alarm. Also really good for a casual style for a day in the park or at the beach.

No. 3: 70s and 80s Sunglasses

The shapes and styles of sunglasses have changed and varied during the past years, yet there is a tendency we can observe – and that is, that all those shapes, that have been hugely popular in earlier decades, are now returning. The 70s and 80s sunglasses are back! Basically this means that all types of sunglasses are now easily available and redesigned too. Round glasses, square frames, cat-eye, aviator and wayfarer sunglasses are to be found this year.

No. 4: Hats

Hats in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors have been a popular accessory not only for the past years. Yet another comeback can be found in this category: bucket hats. Personally, they always remind me of my childhood, my mum made me wear one of those whenever we went to the beach or had a sunny day ahead of us. A good old childhood memory that re-lives, to be honest, I did not see this once coming. Anyways, those hats are really trendy and useful for summer days to give you a good look and make sure you won’t get a heat stroke.

No. 5: Watches

Watches have always been a classy accessory and statement piece. They started as practicality for soldiers during the war and during the time, have developed into a trendy piece of jewelry and a popular accessory. You can find them in almost all kinds of styles: small and minimalist, big and chunky, sport watches with many functions or watches that show the time and complement your outfit.

Here, the same as for the headbands – you will find them in all colors and materials. For summer, light nylon straps in various colors are a good choice. They will feel light on your skin and can easily be washed if necessary.

No. 6: Colorful Sunglasses

Everyone needs a decent pair of sunglasses to survive in summer. They are a cool piece of accessory and are also extremely useful. Not only the shape but also the color is one of the trendy statements this year. While black and tortoise frames are a long time classic, colorful frames have been getting a lot of attention lately. Especially bright statement colors, like red, yellow, or even white, are eye-catching.

Sunglasses are not only really cool looking, but they are also very practical for bright and sunny days because they reduce most of the glare and give you a clear vision while driving the car or riding the bike. On top of that, most sunglasses have UV protection to make sure your eyes are not getting harmed.

No. 7: Statement Earrings – Hoops and colors!

The bigger, the better – this year’s earring trend focuses on hoops and big statement earrings. To be honest, hoop earrings are never really out of trend, but this year’s highlights come with additional beads and feathers attached to them, following the Boho-Trend.

The more classy, glamorous everyday version is trendy statement earrings in one shade, golden or silver for example. They go well with any outfit and slightly tanned skin!

No. 8: Statement Belts

Do you have a simple flutter dress, that is perfect for the beach, and could use a little lift-up for dinner with your friends or a shopping trip? Then here is your perfect, trendy, and easy solution: statement belts! Not only are they very trendy again this year, but they can also be quite useful by holding your outfit in place. What exactly makes a statement belt, you might wonder – first of all the size, statement belts are usually larger pieces of accessory that are the highlight of the outfit. You could also replace a simple belt buckle with a slightly more colorful or even just a bigger one. Don’t have a belt on your hand? How about using a summer scarf and draping it around your waist?

This summer is all about colors and shapes. The brighter the better, statements are the story line of this summer’s accessories!

Make sure to combine them thoughtfully, big statement accessories can quickly become bulky and make your outfit seem overloaded. But all in all, if you are looking for a quick and easy way to style up your wardrobe without spending hundreds of Euros on new clothes, those accessories might be a good choice for you. Some of them can even be transformed into cool DIYs.



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