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Is Tyler Perry Close With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are enjoying their free life in LA, California, at the moment. Since the Megxit drama, the former royal couple is seen up and about strutting on the American soil, and they are trying to create a normal and healthy life for their son, Archie.

They still haven’t found a place to live, and they are still searching for that perfect home. They are currently residing in Beverly Hills mansion, which belongs to Tyler Perry. The former royal couple has many friends at the moment, and those friends include George Clooney, sho shared in 2019, “We live not too far from one another, and we have dinners and stuff, and we’re friends with them for all the reasons that you’re friends with anybody. They’re just really nice, fun, kind people. They’re a very loving couple, and they’re going to be great parents.”

According to a Daily Mail source, “Meghan and Harry have been extremely cautious to keep their base in LA under wraps. Their team helped them choose the location for their transition to Los Angeles wisely. Beverly Ridge has its own guarded gate, and Tyler’s property has a gate of its own, which is watched by their security team. Beverly Ridge is an excellent place to keep out of view. The neighbors are mostly old money and mega-rich business types rather than show business gossips. It goes without saying that the location is stunning – just one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in LA.”

Perry and the Sussex family are friends, and they have been seen in public hanging out a couple of times, and they have a mutual friend – Oprah Winfrey.



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