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6 Ways on How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Compressor

There’s nothing worse than a noisy refrigerator. Fortunately, there are simple DIY fixes that can help you solve the problem in no time.

In this guide, we shall be discussing on different ways on how to make your refrigerator quieter using simple DIY fixes at home. Below are some of the best hacks as recommended by Soundproof Nation.

1. Inspects the Legs of the Refrigerator

The first step to fixing a noisy refrigerator compressor is by determining the cause of the noise. The causes could be many, but the most common could be the legs.

When the fridge is not positioned properly on the floor, there could be vibrational noise which can be a nuisance. If the fridge is not on an even surface, the noise could be worse.

Also, a floor made of wood will produce much noise compared to tile. So you may have to consider changing your wood floor to tiles.

Most refrigerators come with adjustable legs which you can adjust easily at home, especially on an uneven surface. Adjust each leg and ensure you check them regularly.

Sometimes the legs may become loose with time, causing the refrigerator to be unbalanced.  You can check whether the refrigerator is unstable by shaking it a little bit.

If it moves, then you will know that the legs need to be fixed.

2. Place a Mat Beneath the Refrigerator

If you have fixed the legs but can still hear the noise, then you need to consider placing a mat beneath the fridge. However, it should not be the ordinary rug but an acoustic rug such as Dynamat rug.

The rugs have sound-deadening properties that absorb the noise from the fridge, thus reducing the noise reaching your ears. These mats are also designed for use with home appliances, so you don’t have to worry about any risks.

The mats are made of rubber material which easily absorbs noise. In addition, the density of the mats makes it a good sound-absorbing material.

You can also use anti vibrational pads for washing machines. The pads are effective just like the mats, and they are also placed beneath the fridge.

3. Use Acoustic Foam

One of the ways of reducing noise from the refrigerator’s compressor is through the use of acoustic foam such as Foam World USA 12-Pack Acoustic Panels.

The foam has sound-absorbing properties that will absorb 90% of the noise coming from the compressor. This is why you should combine the foam with other soundproofing products.

The best place to place the foam panels is on the wall behind the fridge. This will ensure that the noise is absorbed effectively.

The refrigerator produces noise that hit the wall, causing reverberations that contribute to the amount of noise in the home.

The process of attaching the foam panels is not hard. You only need to create a small gap between the fridge and the wall to prevent overheating. This explains why the foam panels are not attached to the back of the refrigerator.

Before attaching the panels, you should push the fridge aside then clean the wall first by removing dirt, moisture and any nail protrusion.

Then measure the acoustic panels according to the size of your refrigerator and cut them appropriately.

Then coat the panels with an adhesive such as the Green Glue compound. Green glue is both an adhesive and a soundproofing product so it will enhance the effectiveness of the panels.

Attach the panels to the walls ensuring they fit properly before nailing them in place. Then return the fridge to its place.

You can combine the foams with mass loaded vinyl (MVL) for extra noise reduction. However, you will need to install the MVL first before attaching foams.

The acoustic foam panels will ensure that the noise produced from the fridges is absorbed instead of bouncing off and causing vibrations.

4. Consider Cleaning the Compressor

Sometimes the cause of a noisy refrigerator compressor could be accumulated dirt. Over time the compressor may accumulate dirt or dust, especially if you don’t perform regular maintenance.

A simple way to fix the problem is thoroughly cleaning the fridge by focusing on the condenser and fan. However, keep in mind that a fridge is quite complicated.

You may have to consider a professional or better yet take it back to the seller if it has a warranty.

If you trust yourself to do the job right, here are some of the steps you should try out:

Ensure the fridge is turned off and disconnected from the socket before you begin the cleaning process.

Unscrew the rear panel to locate the fan. Then remove any dirt that may be stuck on it. Also, ensure you check for any damages on the fan.

You can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust away from the fan. After vacuuming use a piece of clean cloth to wipe off any remaining traces of dirt.

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the fan, place the access panel back and properly screw it in place.

If the fan or the condenser is damaged, consider replacing it as that could be the reason why your refrigerator is noisy.

5. Place the Refrigerator in Alcove

Another way you can minimize the noise coming from your refrigerator’s compressor is by placing it in the alcove. This is basically a recess on the wall that traps the sound coming from your fridge.

Alcove ensures that the noise is maintained in a small space instead of letting it spread through the whole space. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you won’t hear the noise, but it will be greatly reduced.

You can also soundproof the alcove if you want to enhance its effectiveness using acoustic foams. One advantage of the alcove is that it gives you a chance to soundproof on the sides of the refrigerator.

The process of installing the foams on the alcove is similar to that of installing them on the walls.

Remember, there should be a gap between the alcove and the fridge to allow for air circulation and prevent overheating.

6. Consider Purchasing a Quiet Refrigerator

If you have tried all the methods but nothing seems to work for you, you have the option of buying a new refrigerator. Obviously, this may be a bit expensive but it may be the only way to get rid of the noisy refrigerator.

You can sell the current one to top up money for a new one if you don’t have the budget. When shopping for the fridge, consider SMAD 12V Compact Mini Fridge.

The refrigerator is affordable and you won’t have to deal with a compressor noise anymore.



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