How Has the Internet Changed Dating Forever

Only a decade ago we were used to traditional ways of dating. You meet a person in a bar, club or they are just a friend of a friend. Those times were different, and for some things, maybe even better. Nowadays, the internet plays a huge role when it comes to dating and many people meet their soul mates using an online application.

Everyone who’s tried online dating knows how stressful it can be at some points. Here we are going to talk about it and the possibilities we have when we explore that world and how did the internet affect traditional relationships.

Can you really be yourself?

When we meet a person online, it is easier for us to pretend like we are someone else. We are not talking just about catfishing, you can be yourself, but not be yourself at the same time. How many times have you told someone that you love hiking, when you actually just want to stay in and watch Netflix?

When you meet someone while doing something you love, that is a common interest right away. You don’t have to pretend or to adjust your interests depending on the other person. The internet is forcing us to compromise and to put up walls, because the other person may be doing the same things.

Too many options

When you have too many options, you don’t settle for one thing. If one person does not like you, you can just keep scrolling till you find the next one. There are so many apps that offer us hundreds of possible dates and we cannot just pick one.

Even if you are using those apps to find your perfect match, you are never focusing on one person only. We are talking to multiple people at once, and we can even start developing feelings for more than one person at the same time. This makes things really complicated, and we cannot just choose one out of all of them. And even if you do make that choice, you can never be too sure if the other person did the same.

Putting up huge walls

When we see how many options we have when it comes to dating, we feel that we can be easily replaced. Have you ever met someone on a social media network and a week into your dating, you realize that the person is still contacting with other people from the app? That is something most of us have experienced, and it can hurt or scare us.

To make sure our hearts are protected and that we won’t get heartbroken again and again, we put up huge walls and never fully open to the other person. It is hard to trust someone when you know they have so many other options. However, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust the other person that they really like you and only you.

The need for a physical connection

Internet romance is great for a lot of things, but more often than not you may feel like you are alone. Even though you may have an online crush or a person you are actively dating, it does not mean that you will be able to spend as much time with them as you want.

If you have an online relationship and if you are practicing a long-term relationship, it can get pretty lonely. suggests that dolls can be a perfect way to spice up your relationship and to feel less alone. Many couples are including sex dolls in their lifestyles to spice things up in the bedroom and to be able to have a physical connection with someone, without cheating on their partner.

Love on the other side of the world

Nowadays we can just download an app or open a dating website and connect with people from all over the world. This is a great thing because you can meet people, learn new things, new cultures and you can even practice or learn a new language.

It is all fun and games until you find your perfect match and they live on the other side of the world. This happens to a lot of people and not everyone has the option to travel and meet their potential soulmate. It is said that even though the internet offered us many different possibilities when it comes to love and dating, it is extremely hard to find someone who lives in the same zip code as you.

Is it all that bad?

Even though online relationships changed the traditional way of meeting someone, it does not mean that it is all that bad. There are a lot of positive things and this is great for people who don’t have time to date or are just introverts.

With the use of the internet to find a romantic partner, you can feel more relaxed and you can open up about serious things right from the start. It allows us to learn more about the core of the other person, their passion, thoughts, feelings, and desires. We can sometimes connect on a deeper level than when we date traditionally and when you are using the online dating sites, you get interested in the person’s character first and then in their shape and looks.

Have you ever tried internet dating? How was your experience? If you are new to internet dating, then there are some things you need to be careful about. There are going to be people you meet that will try to take advantage of you. Some may try to steal your identity; some may even try to get money out of you.

It is really important to be safe and not to share personal information. If you want to tell the other person personal information or send private pictures, make sure you trust that person first. Give yourself as much time as you need and if they are pressuring you into doing anything you don’t want to, just block them and walk away.

When meeting your online crush for the first time, remember that anything can happen. We look different in real life than we do in photos, so you may get disappointed. Always meet in a public place and make sure at least one person knows your location and who you are going with. Relax and who knows, maybe you will meet the love of your life on a dating app?


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