How to Take Great Photos of Women

When it comes to photographing women, you can encounter a couple of challenges. Irrespective of the occasion, the majority of women want their photos to depict how sexy, beautiful, flawless and confident they are. This means that the photographers must be able to take exceptional photos that can truly show the women with these awesome elements.

While this may sound like a herculean task, it is quite easy as long as you know the right things to do. To help you succeed in this task, let’s show you how to take great photos of women.

Get acquainted with your subject

Whenever you are taking photos of women, the first thing you need to do is getting acquainted with your subject. This action is meant to help you build a good relationship with the woman. With this, she grows her confidence so that she can trust you enough to enjoy the photo shoot. While this is better done through a physical meeting, you can also get familiar with your subject via phone calls. Take the time to assure her that you are a professional that understands what it takes to take great photos of women.

Work on the psychology

After you are acquainted with your model, make sure that you understand if they have any insecurity that can affect their confidence. Does your subject feel bad about her height, skin, hair or any other body part? Even if she doesn’t say anything about it, you can detect it if you pay attention to her body movements or cues. Let her know that she is amazing despite the inadequacies. This is an excellent way to boost her confidence and produce extraordinary results.

Make the shoot look like a fashion shoot

If you want to get unparalleled photos, then you should make the whole photoshoot look like a fashion shoot. From choosing a picturesque location to using your best photography tools, create a fashion shoot experience that your subject will like. By doing this, your model will be excited and ready to do everything possible to get the best results.

Know the common female poses

Don’t start the photoshoot without having a list of common female poses that your subject will probably like. There are tons of female poses so you should not have an issue with getting these poses. A few of the poses you can consider include:

  • Lengthy sitting poses – the poses allow your subject to sit down in a cozy and stretched out position. This goes well for both indoor and outdoor photoshoots.
  • Sitting poses – these poses are common. Your subject only needs to sit on a chair with her hands relaxed on the chair.
  • Hair flick poses – they are recommended if your subject wears long hair. She will spin her head quickly so that the hairs flick as you capture the photos.
  • Walking poses – these ensure that you can capture the woman in a walking position. These poses often appear natural and less staged.
  • Hand-on-waist poses – they are go-to poses that usually produce excellent half body photos. For these poses, your subject only has to place her hands on her waist as you take the pictures. Notably, she can try out different head positions.
  • Crossed arms poses – these are common poses that require your subject to cross her arms. These poses can mean a lot of things such as humility and insecurity.

Other poses you can try include one-leg stance poses, side-on shot poses, full-height poses and face-on sitting poses. If you want to avoid going through so many problems to get the right poses, you can find presets that will give you exceptional results. Check out Parker Arrow Presets to get the best one-click presets that will give stunning photos of women. Besides, take the time to look at other photos of women online to get useful poses that your model will like.

Try out different outfits

Depending on the kind of photoshoot that you are having, you should let your subject try out various outfits. These outfits can come in different styles, designs, colors, sizes, and lots more. The essence of trying several outfits is to guarantee that you find some outfits that accentuate her body. These outfits should let her curves and other parts show in the most astonishing way.

Also, these outfits should never take the attention away from her body as you continue capturing awesome photos. Furthermore, you must pick the right clothing items. For instance, if you want something that flatters the body and makes the neck look longer, V-necked outfits will come in handy. Again, let her pick the cloth that will make her look amazing and sexy.

Let the curve shine through

The curves play an important role in making a lot of women feel and look great. When the subject is standing, she should never stand straight on. Make sure she stands angled away from the camera. The front knee should be bent slightly forward while the back foot takes the whole weight. Irrespective of her posture, she needs to allow her curve to be seen clearly.

Be on the lookout for the hands

The hands play a significant role in whether photos of women will come out great or not. So, you should pay attention to her hands. Make sure that your subject’s hands are not positioned in an awkward or strange way that will spoil the photos. If the hands are clenched or placed in the wrong place, let her relax them. Of course, she can experiment with her hands as the photoshoot goes on. She can put them in her pocket, raise them, point them, and do all sorts of things with them. Regardless of the way she is positioning the hands, it should be intentional and made to look natural.

In conclusion, communication plays an important role in capturing great photos of women. Be fully prepared and help your model to build her confidence. Also, take action that can guide your subject and make sure that the poses look beautiful and natural.



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