7 Latest Innovations in the Beauty and Fashion Industry in 2020

Everyone’s priority in life should be remaining healthy, but the second most important thing for many is being beautiful, and we cannot blame them. When you look good, you feel good, and this is something that even science has proven in the past. Our self-confidence levels have a huge impact on our behavior, and we all realize how important it is to be confident.

To achieve such beauty and aesthetics, people in these modern days are using products and items that enhance the way they look. These products are made by professionals, and they fall into the category of beauty and fashion.

Since there are many products that you can get these days, the most important thing is no longer being able to get them, it’s being able to choose the right ones, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with today.

In this article, we are going to talk about the seven latest innovations in the beauty and fashion industries that came out in 2020, so if you are willing to enhance the way you look and feel, make sure to stay with us until the end. Without any further ado, here’s what you need to know.

1. Computer stylists

Imagine being able to get fashion advice from your computer, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a human stylist. Well, what if we told you that this is quite possible as of early 2020? Software engineers, along with fashions experts, invented an AI that’s able to complete the look for you if you don’t know how to do it yourself. Sometimes we tend to wear three or four pieces of clothing, but we’re not sure that the fifth one should be. The name is Intelistyle.

2. Connect with beauty professionals

When it comes to fashion and beauty, there’s nothing better than you can do than to talk with a professional who spent their entire life building a career just to help others look and feel better. Getting in touch with someone like this was difficult before, but not anymore. Thanks to technology, inventors and the internet all combined, we have apps that allow us to connect with these beauty professionals in just a few seconds.

3. Anti-aging products

Now this is something that exists for a while, and we know that most of you think that it shouldn’t be mentioned as an innovation, but hear us out. Back when anti-aging crèmes and products came out, they weren’t exactly of the same quality as the ones we have today, not the mention the ones coming out in 2020. A lot of the famous brands already announced their new and improved formulas, so we are probably as excited as you are when it comes to these anti-aging goodies. It’s up for a time to tell if they’ll be better or not, but we believe in the progress that was announced.

4. Height-increasing helpers

We know that when it comes to aesthetics and looking better, being taller surely does help a lot, especially if you are a model. Even for the regular person, however, being tall can help you fit into some clothes that you cannot wear if you are a shorter individual, so what have the experts prepared for us this year?

In 2020, there are way too many guides on how to grow taller, but whether they work or not remains a mystery. However, we have one recommendation that can help you out a lot in your journey for those couple of extra inches, so why not take a look at Jesse Singh’s blog and see what it has to offer.

5. 3D printed skin

Imagine a world where engineers can experiment on fake skin instead of having to risk the health of their consumers to see if a product works or not. Well, nowadays, that’s more than possible. 3D printed skin is slowly becoming the standard for testing, so nobody has to risk their health no more when it comes to trying out new products.

Makeup, crèmes or anything else that people want to use, it’s going to be a lot safer now. It might sound like something very futuristic, but as we all know, technology is advancing pretty quickly, so you shouldn’t be surprised if new methods are adapted anytime soon.

6. Cruelty-free products

As every year goes by, the awareness for making products that don’t involve the hurting of animals increases, and we’re slowly getting a lot of cruelty-free beauty-enhancing products on the market. Believe it or not, these are slowly starting to replace even the most reputable brands, which means that we have a bright future ahead of us.

If you’ve always loved the idea of looking amazing and feeling even better, but you felt guilty for using products made out of ingredients that come from animals, now you have the chance to support something great, something that can improve the lives of many people, without endangering the lives of animals.

7. Computer-generated formulas

Back in the day when cosmetics became a thing, people in laboratories weren’t using computers to come up with their formulas. Instead, they tried to make all the calculations on their own, which increased the margin for error by a lot.

Although nothing too serious can happen if a product is not ideally made ingredient-wise, it’s still not the most optimal way of doing it. Someone can be allergic to a certain ingredient that shouldn’t surpass let’s say three percent of the entire formula.

Today, we have computers that can take care of this, and all the formulas are calculated precisely by them, without mistakes happening as often as before.


If you like to be beautiful, numerous products on today’s market can help you achieve that aesthetic that you always wanted. We already know that looking good makes you feel good, so if you are trying to grab that extra boost of self-confidence from somewhere, cosmetics and fashion is probably the best way to do it.

There are a lot of options when it comes to bettering your looks, so feel free to use any of the recommendations above, and make sure to follow all the innovations in the industry. 2020 has some great things to offer despite all the current chaos going on at the moment.



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