All Benefits Of Working From Home In 2020

We are in the middle of a global crisis. Our lives have taken a windy turn since the COVID-19 outbreak. Lives of thousands of Americans have enormously changed since the government has closed all schools, colleges, institutes, public places and have ordered people to go out only when you are in dire need of household/grocery items.

Due to indefinite curfews and shutting down of offices, a lot of companies have considered working remotely to avoid the outbreak’s financial impact.

With over a short course of time, most companies from across the globe are teaching the practice of working remotely from their bedrooms and TV lounges.

There are two groups when it comes to working remotely, according to Nextiva. One group thinks that workers would not get anything done. And then, there’s an optimistic group that thinks that employees are more productive and happier while working from home.

Recent studies have indicated that working from home is a big opportunity for people who have coped with a work-home environment. Not only does it decrease the stress in employees but it also saves money in the long run.

The tech industry is well-known for its scalability and flexibility. With conference calls, video calls, phone calls, wireless internet, and VPN networks come great telecommuting opportunities for companies working from home.

If you are talking about the tech spare here, the majority of the work is done on the internet and computer. Remote STEM workers open talent pool for the organizations looking to make their names in the industry.

Even though life is stressful and there’s a lot to carry in this pandemic but maybe it is our only chance to prove that working remotely is better.

How Can We Benefit from This Situation?

Life has been stressful for all of us, especially when we have to stay at home. At this time, maximizing one’s productivity might not be one’s top priority but increasing our potential to work from home could help us to manage between care-taking and work responsibilities.

Working remotely has its charm. You would not have to be bounded at a conventional office. It might be a challenging phase for anyone not used to it but it lays off the stress of daily commutation.

You might feel as if there’s a dramatic shift in your routine but it is only going to better with time. for instance, if you are a self-employed person, you would be able to devote more hours to work instead of 8 hours.

Moreover, you can work from anywhere, be it any other country, a city, a restaurant, public transportation, etc. In short, you can take your job to the road. However, it might not be suitable right now, given we have a global crisis.

But the program Remote Year helps you figure a way out for meeting deadlines, taking conference calls or be interactive with colleagues while traveling. It shows you that no matter where you happen to be, working from home is always easier.

Global Demand for Remote Work

Companies have seen incredible growth in remote work due to global demand. Technology and worker’s flexibility to work from home has also fueled the demand to grow in the past few years. According to Global Workplace Analytics, United States of America experienced an increase of 159% in remote work. Right now, more than 3.4% of the world’s population is working remotely.

COVID-19, a novel virus outbreak is not a good reason for the companies to vouch for remote work.  But since they are being forced by the government, they must shift towards a big professional option.

As Coronavirus has forced people to work from home, most of the people would start liking it. They would start finding the benefits of working from home. Some benefits of remote work such as no commutation, no reserved workspaces, and autonomy are some of the benefits that companies seemed to ignore before the pandemic. But now, when the situation has gotten out of hands, a lot of companies are looking forward to work remotely because they have proven that no work could not happen online.

What Is Likely to Happen After COVID-19 Outbreak?

When the pandemic is over, a lot of people are going to tune in their choices when it comes to working. According to the March 2019 findings of the International Workplace Group, more than 80% of the job seekers would look for remote jobs and benefits that are not given in open office jobs.

Benefits of Working from Home

Below are some potential benefits and values of working from home to create scalability and flexibility in your professional life.

Communication Becomes Stronger Than Ever

It would not be a secret to say that location does not affect an employee’s productivity and his connections with the colleagues. This separateness allows the employees to stay even more close to each other and solve the toughest problems using brilliant ideas.

Speaking about progress and employees rank, remote workers in various companies rank higher than their conventional workers.

Professionals Stick to A Better Routine

COVID-19 is going to change the whole outlook of having to stay the whole day at work. While most people find it disciplined to work at a conventional office, many people stay in the discipline while working remotely.

Many professionals would tend to complete their task without supervision, given they have to meet a deadline Ellevate Network’s sales manager says that she stays more disciplined and on track while working remotely.

Companies Retain Great Talent

Tech organizations, business phone industries, and IT companies get access to a large pool of talent. Many studies suggest that working remotely enables the employees to get work done effectively and efficiently as they do not have to waste time commuting from home to work and vice versa.

Businesses Would Save More

Nowadays, the ability to expand a business without putting much capital is pretty much the goal of every entrepreneur. One way to do that is to hire a remote workforce that delivers work on time. You can attract the top-tier professional from all across the globe and pay them a handsome package to grow your business.

Not having to pay for office rent is yet another advantage.

Overall Thoughts

Now is time for the professionals to seek remote jobs to get that independence they have been waiting for and make it permanent for the rest of their lives.



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