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6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

Many of us would like to be in the shoes of famous people because their life seems so carefree, positive, and successful. But, as experience shows, not everything is as smooth as it seems, and sometimes even the celebrities have solid negatives in their lives. As a result, many of them find a solution to their problems in alcohol, and sometimes in drugs. And even being rich and famous, it’s very difficult to recover from alcoholism.

In today’s selection, some famous men managed to get rid of male addiction, as well as those who are struggling with this bad habit even now. Some of them solved the problems on their own. The others joined men’s rehabilitation. AddictionResource can be very useful for every man who struggles with addictions and doesn’t know what to do.

1. Anthony Hopkins

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

Anthony Hopkins is famous for his role in the film “Silence of the Lambs,” in which he played the Oscar-winning character of Hannibal Lector. The actor struggled for a long time with uncontrolled alcohol addiction. The turning point for him was the moment when he woke up in another state, absolutely not understanding where he was and how he got here. Then the actor realized that his habit became a problem, so he decided to join one of the men-only rehab programs. From that moment on, he had never returned to the past.

Hopkins’s problems with alcohol began when he worked as an actor in the UK. He thought the scene was not for him, and therefore he began to drink to relax and relieve tension. He quit drinking in 1975 and since then has not taken a drop of alcohol in his mouth.

2. Robin Williams

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

Robin Williams was one of the most famous actors in the world. He has starred in films such as Captain Hook, The Society of Dead Poets, and many others. Williams began to abuse alcohol and cocaine very early, but tried to get rid of his addiction after his friend John Belushi died of an overdose during a party they both attended.

Some fans claim that his career was at the top just when the actor’s addiction got very intense. Robin Williams has been fighting alcohol and cocaine addiction for about 30 years. He broke down and was recovering again in different men’s drug rehab facilities. A few weeks before his death, he signed up for an updated clinic. Soon after, he shot himself, but pathologists say that he was sober at the time of his death. Although Williams managed to refrain from alcohol and drugs, it seems the actor was not able to cope with his depression, which, in the end, was the cause of his death.

3. Elton John

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

Like many other artists, Elton John began to drink and take drugs to gain confidence before performances. His manager first gave him a shot of cocaine. Elton admitted that he did not think about the consequences of substance abuse and did not attach any importance to this until the habit got out of control. In addition to alcohol and cocaine addiction, the singer developed bulimia.

Elton managed to get back on track with the help of a friend Ryan White, who was infected with HIV during a blood transfusion, but he was attached to the very end, helping everyone who, like him, got the disease.

John was able to recover with the help of White and since then – for more than 20 years – remains a teetotaler.

4. Eminem

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

The story of Eminem’s struggle with alcoholism is not a secret to anyone. His dependence on psychotropic substances reached its climax in 2007 when he began to take more than 30 pills per day, generously pouring them with alcohol.

Before this, in 2005, Eminem nearly died of an overdose. This was the beginning of his attempts to become a teetotaler and the best father for his daughter Haley.

Eminem’s life was not easy given his abuse of alcohol and drugs and his unstable relationship with Haley’s mother. However, his dependence is now in the past, and his musical career is gaining momentum again. An unexpected friendship with Sir Elton John helped Eminem become a teetotaler, and now his compositions are again at the top of the music charts.

5. Stephen Tyler

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

The leader and vocalist of the famous rock band Aerosmith, Stephen Tyler, has experienced many ups and downs both in his career and in his personal field.

Tyler’s fans for his amazing voice range gave him the nickname “Demon Screaming.” Fans adore the singer not only for his voice but also for the energy that he puts into each performance. It can be seen that he loves his job and is fully committed to music and his fans.

Obviously, during his career, Tyler has become very famous, and with great success and fame comes to pressure and struggle. Tyler began to use alcohol and drugs to cope with pressure, and this negatively affected his singing career, which led to the decline in popularity of the band Aerosmith.

However, Tyler decided to correct himself, and after he left the rehab center in 1986, he managed to recover and invest all his strength in order to return the group to its former glory.

Tyler remained a teetotaler for the next 20 years, after which he again “broke loose” and began to abuse painkillers. However, this did not last long since he managed to take this addiction under control. He was again treated at a rehabilitation center in 2009 and has remained sober since then.

6. David Hasselhoff

6 Male Celebrities With Difficult Past

Hasselhoff’s dependence was widely known, and many are familiar with the history of his struggle, which has been going on for more than ten years. He first got into a rehabilitation center in 2002, when he realized that drinking alcohol was out of his control. However, the actor’s determination to correct his addiction lasted only one day, after which he left the Betty Ford Center. The next day he again got drunk, and to such an extent that he had to call an ambulance.

He tried to justify his actions, saying that he was not ready to stop drinking when he entered the clinic for treatment and that he wanted to drink again. This time it turned out so “saturated” that he decided that he had enough of it, so the actor back came to the rehabilitation center. He did this because he wanted to be better for his family.

Hasselhoff remained a teetotaler for five years, and then in 2007 broke again. His daughter attempted to show him what he looks like when he gets drunk and posted a video on the Internet how he lies on the floor and eats a burger.

Due to excessive libations, Hasselhoff became a regular visitor to the hospital: he got there in 2009 and 2010. An actor can do without alcohol for a long time. However, if he drinks at least one sip, he no longer knows the measure.

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