Fresh Trends Breaking Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions have been strictly followed for centuries, but is the old way always the best way?

Every country has its wedding tradition and customs, but with our world becoming more global and multicultural, many traditions we once thought were unshakable have been shown a new light. However, modern couples are breaking the rules and introducing fresh twists to wedding trends, redefining weddings as we know it today.

1. Couples are footing the bill, not their parents

Until recently, it has not been uncommon for the parents of the bride or groom to pay for the wedding. However, these days, the couple getting married are paying on their own. That is because couples getting married today are more independent and would rather have their families come along and enjoy themselves!

2. Charity donations instead of wedding gifts

It is quickly becoming more and more common that instead of wedding gifts, guests bring donations for charities and organizations that the couple support and love. Wedding invitation companies, such as, create a gift and wishing well cards, which detail the couple’s favorite charities and share the couple’s wishes when it comes to directing the presents. That is an excellent way for guests to still contribute and commemorate to the couple’s big day, without getting the couple a gift they may not be needed. After all, sharing our love by helping others is the greatest gift of all.

3. Sustainable florals

There is no doubt that florals play a significant part when it comes to wedding styling and planning. The rules and expectations are changing within the industry. Dried flowers, which were once a taboo, are now being embraced, bringing about new dimensions, textures, and specialty blooms to the game. Instead, there are floral foams that are quite affordable. We are now embracing the unique culture and standards of sustainable wedding floristry.

4. “Pick a seat, not a side”

That is decidedly one of the most heart-warming twists that modern couples are adding to their wedding days, to date. Traditionally, wedding guests typically arrive at the ceremony and sit on the side of the party that they know from before the couple met and fell in love. Today, however, more and more modern couples are going for a “pick a seat, not a side” approach, which is a great way to bring everyone together, break the ice, and embody the ideal that it is two families coming together as one.

5. Food trucks instead of three-course meals

Couples today are actively leaning away from the traditional three-course meal approach to their catering and embracing a relaxed attitude. Food trucks not only serve delicious delights, but they create a chilled and fun atmosphere you would want at your wedding, allowing guests to freely mingle and choose what they would like to eat according to their dietary requirements and preferences. Food trucks are an especially fun match for ‘Westival’ style weddings, which are inspired by festivals such as Coachella.

6. Double dress

In recent years, wearing one dress for the ceremony and another for the celebration has become very popular. There are more and more bridal designers, and it is complicated to choose just one. It may seem superficial, and many will say that you cannot afford this double payment, but you can always opt for a custom-made wedding dress and a simpler one.

7. Show your style in the decoration

You may not be surprised by this section. It is something that will always be in fashion. If you are a romantic person, do not hesitate to opt for floral wedding stationery, perhaps painted with watercolor, delicate floral centers, or any other detail. Besides, you must follow the same line in the invitations and the wedding stationery. There is nothing more elegant than a seating plan, waiter, and minute with the same design as the invitation. It transmits homogeneity to the event, and the bride and groom can show their personality in every detail. On the other hand, a minute and a spectacular waiter full of glamor the decoration of a table has many advantages and the guests are delighted, because they recognize the care with which the bride and groom have prepared their great day.

It is about giving a different touch and personality to your wedding. Surely you do not have the necessary knowledge or the time required to organize the decoration, so the best thing you can do is leave it in the hands of professionals. Such teams of decorators always bet on new and different ideas and advice. They make it possible for the bride and groom to have a unique wedding. Thanks to their training and experience, they can create invitations in methacrylate, wood, metal, or paper. Besides, they can create personalized neon signs, seating plans, menus and minutes, brand names and waiters, wedding rings, and so on.

8. Green blast

Nature is that element that manages to elevate the beauty of any corner. That can be done through trees, plants, or flowers. We do not doubt that this will become the main focus of attention. Make use of a garden and celebrate a magical, romantic, and exclusive wedding. Chose a place that exudes a lot of charm and where you and your guests will have an incredible and pleasant experience. Make sure that you find a service that has what is necessary to celebrate a charming wedding.

Large banquet rooms and large and beautiful gardens would be a perfect choice. It would be great if they also had an ideal space to carry out the civil ceremony with great comfort for you and all those attending the celebration. A professional team will be in charge of receiving all your guests, accompanying them to their seats, coordinating your tickets with the music you have chosen, and thousands of other details so that you have a dream wedding.

9. Losing fear of color

Sometimes integrating color in a wedding has been understood as a synonym of little elegance or stridency. But far from reality, if all the elements are carefully combined, the result can be 10. Look how happy the following photos give off!

10. Mystical environment

Well, regardless of whether you prefer a religious or civil wedding, mysticism can also be related to decoration. It is anticipated that in the next season, we will see a lot of elements such as agate and quartz minerals as inspiring elements for the most magical weddings. Colored quartz, candles, glassware with a pink dot, or even mineral-shaped cakes. Beautiful and original at the same time!


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