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Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

In these modern times, it is essential for each business that appears on the market to have its own website. Since it is essential to establish a visual identity that will be recognizable and unique, choosing a good web designer that will make a website can increase the visibility of the product or the whole business on the market. This is why we are presenting a step by step guide for choosing the right service for this important task.

1. Define the purpose

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

Before you start it is essential to be very strict in determining the purpose of the website you are making. This means that you will need to think about the possible layout as well as how this will be integrated into your business. The first question you will need to sort out is will the site be used solely for the marketing, or will it provide different services such as online shopping, filling in different forms or similar. With the definition of the purpose, you will make it easier for the designers to pick out the platform on which they will work on as well as the database that will need to be added and linked to the parts of the site in the making. Make sure you agree on the maintenance of the website and as well as the frequency of the database updates.

Once you have defined what it will provide, you can proceed in a bit more fun part of designing, which is a visual identity.

2. Define the looks

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

This is the part most people love, and it gives you a lot of freedom in a sense of making the visual identity reflect the business. Be sure to make it look simple and try not to make it to the complex since you would like the visitors to be able to find what they are looking for fast. How much this is important confirms the fact that up to 80% of visitors will give up on the purchase if they are not able to find what they are looking for in a short period of time. It is also important to choose the fonts, sizes of the letters and colors. When picking, be guided with the old proverb less is more, since you want the design to be recognizable and yet pleasant to the eye of the visitors. Be sure to explain what you want in details to the designers in order to avoid extra work and troubles if you did not understand one another. Open communication is the key to this area.

3. Budget

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

Defining the budget will save you from going up to the ones you cannot afford. There are a lot of freelancers that will provide their services, so you may search for some help from them in order to stay on the budget. When planning a budget be aware that some unforeseen expenses can emerge, especially if there are a lot of back and forward between the designers and you. This is important in a sense of maintenance and database update, so be free to see how much will this service cost since it may add to your budget as well.

4. Choose sources

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

When choosing a designer, be very cautious; you don’t want to blow all of your budgets on the famous designer just because they have a reputation. Make sure you find someone who not only responds to your needs but as well falls into the budget category. This will mean you will need to dig deeper and check out the reviews closely. Recommendations and person to person info are good sources of information, of course, if those people you have asked are objective and reliable.

Consider using online platforms to do this, nowadays on the market, you can find a lot of them offering easy tools for website making and designing where you can begin from scratch or use their templates. This can be a good idea especially if it will be used for marketing purposes rather than other more advanced tasks. Most services provide AI guides wizards that will make designing way easier and simpler to the users.

5. Ask questions

Choosing a Web Designer – 2020 Step-by-step Guide

No matter which option you have chosen, be sure to ask questions, and do not hesitate even if you are not sure if you should ask. This is very important because good communication is the key to each new project. The questions should be articulated in such a manner that the one answering them is one hundred percent sure that they understood the question. This means that you should think before asking the question. Ask additional and more in debt questions as the conversation goes on in order to obtain as much information you need. You may not be the only one with the questions, so be very determined and punctual when answering the questions asked, especially the ones about the design and the overall usage of the site in the making. Open communication is the key to a successful business, so be sure to ask the questions as well as answer all of them in a most punctual and detailed way in order to finish the job as soon as possible with the best quality.


Starting a new business is a challenge as it is, but you will need to think of visual identity on the web since this can increase the visibility and popularity of it for an enormous percentage. Before you start to think about what will your web site be used for and how the services the business provides be incorporated into the web site. After that choose the layout, color patterns, and fonts that will be used to make sure that design is simple enough so people can get around it easily. Plan your budget and consider your options carefully. There are a lot of online services that can assist you with this, so be free to check them out and use them if you find them suitable for your needs. Good communication is the key to a successful business, be informed, punctual and cooperative.

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