Biggest Signs It’s Time for A Career Change

When you were in grade school, the teacher would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up… At the time, you knew you wanted to be a doctor or a fairy princess but as you grew older, your vision of what you want to do in life grew more and more blurry.

It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about… in fact, there are more people in the world who work jobs they’re unhappy at all because they don’t know what they want to do for a living, so they take on a job that pays well but doesn’t give them satisfaction… According to Forbes, more than half of U.S. workers are unhappy at their jobs for that very reason.

The thing about finding a fulfilling career is that it can be a lifelong journey for some. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) revealed that most Americans, by the time they reach age 50, will have had 12 or more jobs under their belt, in hopes of finding that job that’s the “right fit” for them. The BLS further states that back in 2016, over six million workers left their current roles and sought work in a completely different field.

So, if you’re having thoughts of leaving your current role to take on a career in a new field, know that you’re not alone. Also, know that this career change might not be your final career change… it just depends on how you feel in your new role.

Self-Worry and Self-Doubt

When considering leaving your current role, you’re going to experience feelings of self-worry and self-doubt… this too is also normal. It’s a perfectly acceptable concern simply because for some, a career change can mean leaving a good job with a stable income to go down a career path with no working knowledge of if you’re going to be successful or not.

For others, a career change can involve making a lateral move whether it’s taking a pay cut or taking a job you’re over-qualified for, ultimately making you feel like you’re moving backward instead of forward.

Then to add to the self-worry and self-doubt, you then start to feel like maybe you don’t need a career change… maybe you just need some vacation time. Well, for some people, that may be the case; Some people work so much without any real time off. A few consecutive days off will sometimes do the trick.

But there are signs that also let you know that your thoughts and feelings go way beyond anything a vacation or consecutive days off can bring you… Certain thoughts and feelings are major signs that it’s time for a complete career change. If you have or are experiencing any of these signs, it might be time for you to start updating your resume and seeing what other career opportunities are out there for you.

Signs to Look Out For

Sign 1: Your Salary Doesn’t Make You Want to Stay

Typically, most people who are unhappy with their jobs will think about their nice salary and come to the realization that they’re not ready to give that up just yet, so they stay. But when you’re unhappy at work and the money can’t even make you stay, it’s definitely time to greener pastures.

Sign 2: You’re Not Sleeping Well

Work stress is one of the biggest “sleep killers” of all time. When you’re at work, you’re stressed; when you’re at home, you’re still stressed about work… When that stress starts to disrupt your sleep, it leads to unproductiveness and changes in your mood because you’re not getting enough rest. Your job might have its perks but when your job affects your mood as a result of your lack of sleep, then a career change needs to happen real soon.

Sign 3: You’re Coping With Unhealthy Habits

If you notice that you’re drinking more or starting to take smoke breaks again, the stress of the job is driving you to unhealthy habits and something needs to change immediately. Everyone has their vices and can be done in moderation but when those vices become addictive all because of your job, you need to take action immediately. If your job is causing you to cope in this manner, you need to seek help and definitely look into other employment options.

Sign 4: You Dread Going to Work

Everyone gets the “Monday Blues” every now and then and that’s normal but when you have the “Monday Blues” almost every day of the week, then you have a problem… this is a sign of dreading going to work. There are even levels of dread.

Some people dread work to a point of hitting their alarm button too many times to make them late for work. Some people have a dread of work to a point where they can’t enjoy their weekends off because they know that Monday is only a few days away. And others have a dread for work so much where they’re affecting their own livelihood by calling out every couple of days.

If you have a dread of work where you’re affecting your livelihood by not showing up, it’s definitely time for a career change. This type of behavior will cause you to get fired from your job without having another job lined up. If you’re experiencing this type of dread from your job, start looking at other career options immediately before you put yourself in a situation where you might get yourself fired.

You Have Plenty of Options

If you’ve experienced any of these signs or a combination of a few, then it’s definitely time for a career change. You have the option of staying in the same field but working for a different company. You also have the option to completely leave your field and venture into a new one.

Ever since the emergence of e-commerce, more and more people are leaving their 9 to 5s and starting their own online businesses. You, of course, will have to undergo the logistics of it all… buying a domain name, finding a website builder, and keeping your business protected with general liability business insurance… Lots of small business owners go with for their business insurance needs, because of its simple process and affordable coverage options.

The thought of changing careers might sound like a lot but it’s a lot better than working a job where you’re miserable and that’s affecting your health. A career change is ultimately one of the best ways to take a bad situation and turn it into a fresh new start doing what makes you happy.



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