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Abby Dowse’s Voluptuous Beach Snap

Abby Dowse is a well-known name amongst Instagram users, and she reached an astounding 2 million followers. The model is known or her series of snaps showcasing her entire figure. Everyone is in love with her abs, as she is too, and she never stops to amaze us with her great shape.

The model is often posing in lingerie, and she is regularly posting three images wearing one particular piece of clothing. As she is fashion nova’s ambassador, as stated on her Instagram account, she is promoting the brand by posting a series of images wearing their clothes.

What we enjoyed the most was one of her beach photos, where she was wearing a fishnet dress that made her black thong extremely visible, as well as her fantastic booty. She is looking at the camera over her shoulder, and judging by the picture, she isn’t wearing anything else underneath the dress. Expect for the black thong bikini bottom.

The sky, sand, and the sunglasses added something very sensual to the whole image, and fans were very happy to see her on sunlight. She is known to go topless for her pictures. Just recently, she posed only wearing a black thong with a straw hat covering her nipples. Her gorgeous blonde hair and luscious lips are visible, and the sensuality is always present with this model.



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