Demi Rose Looking Stunning in a Sheer Dress

Demi Rose has around 13 million followers on Instagram, and all of them were ecstatic when she posted an image of herself in a sheer dress.

The bombshell posed in an unusual room, with walls covered in the Louis Vuitton logo. The model was in front of a mirror, which was framed in wood. That was perfect as she was posing turned at the camera backward. Her entire transparent black dress was visible, and her hourglass body looked impeccable in that dress.

The front part of her dress had a black bra shaped piece, and some sections were covered in lace. Her amazing cleavage was seen, and a portion of her back was bare. Rose was posing backward, looking at the camera over her shoulder, with a tantalizing look on her face. The dress had a lace slit on one side, and she placed one of her hands right above the slit. The makeup added to her beauty, and her brown hair with a section over her shoulder made the whole picture even sexier.

The picture has over 680,000 likes and more than 5,000 comments. Many fans were thrilled at the sight of her curves, and some of the comments were, “So lovely!!!” and “Looking mighty fine.” Another Instagram user sated how wonderful she is, while other commented, “OMG you’re a wonderful vision of perfection.”


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