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New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

The world is filled with videos. In fact, anywhere you look, you can find videos that fill the large and handheld screens of your electronic devices. Because of the broadcast popularity, new software, hardware, and formats are emerging as media outlets and businesses around the globe enter the fray to develop exciting new video-based technology. This expansion makes it a great time to enter the field and participate in video production. Here are some new trends to look for in the coming year.

Virtual Reality

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

If you were tempted to try virtual reality when it began a decade ago, you might be surprised at how far the experience has come. As the immersive world continues to expand, the technology is racing to keep up with industry demands. Although VR was once used to improve gaming experiences, the system can now be found in educational classrooms, medical environments, and military training systems. Sports fans are also enjoying VR possibilities as the collaboration between the leagues and video production companies (like Indigo Productions allow viewers to watch the game from a court-side position).

Higher K

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

Cameras have evolved over the past 20 years to the point that the resolution they can provide is too good for the common user to experience the high K pictures available. From the long-time use of 1080p to the jump to the 4K videos, user graphic cards are finding it difficult to handle file sizes of modern production mass. That has not slowed down the massive expansion into high K graphics all the way up to 8K experiences, however. As cameras and video projects expand, users crave more prominent and better in their filming experiences. Don’t be surprised if 8K cameras become more common in the coming year.

Greater Accessibility

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

Most people over the age of 16 carry a smartphone in this modern high-tech society, and that is estimated to be more than 6 billion people. Anyone that has a phone can now view, send, and share videos from a personal computer or handheld device at any time, day or night. As videos become a more significant part of the common internet experience, consumer demand helps to shape the growth of video production because of the higher knowledge base and focus available. Platforms will change in the coming year, and it will be exciting to see what direction the expansion will take.

Vertical Capture

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

Phone users view more than 70 percent of the videos captured each day. Because of the vertical use of video presentations on the phone, businesses have begun to cater to this form of upright content. With the smaller screen, brands are learning to focus on images that reduce outside distractions. This can increase consumer attention – and prevent outside clicking.

Cinema graphs

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

The brands that are willing to take their advertising campaign to a new level can get the utmost benefit from the latest video trend called the cinema graph. Cinemagraphs are nothing but videos that are created by using a series of pictures. The footage then gets played in a seamless loop, which makes it more creative and unique while telling a visual story. This video trend is gaining popularity from many platforms like social media channels, digital advertising agencies, websites, e-mails, etc. The digital marketing agencies are getting huge benefits by using cinematography to create their ad content. Recently, the company Mercedes Benz launched a cinema graph, which boosted the company’s brand favourability to no small extent. Not only the brand gets the advantage, the ad company who made the cinema graph for Mercedes Benz also grabbed three more ad contracts from other renowned companies.


New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Yearhooting an aerial video the helicopters were used, which was very expensive. Nowadays, using drone cameras to shoot videos have reduced the cost of aerial video shooting. On the other hand, the drone camera has a steady effect that can be used to shoot video footage for maximum hours. The video footage can be used for various purposes. Though using a drone is not the latest video trend; however, the popularity of drone cameras is growing day by day. According to a recently conducted survey, drone sales have increased 63% in the year of 2015 in comparison to previous years. The drone industry claims that the industry value of the company will rise to $90 billion by the year 2025 (currently, the latest industry value is $3.3 billion approx). Aerial videos have a massive impact in the case of brand popularity. Producing videos by using drones can be considered a breakthrough trend in both cases, like personal and professional.

GoPro Cameras

New Video Production Trends To Look For in the Coming Year

Both beginners and professional videographers can use the GoPro camera as it is portable, easy to use, and of course, affordable. The experienced videographers can use the advantage of the features of an action camera using GoPro cameras. On the other hand, beginners who want to try their luck in blogging (or Vlogging) can use these cameras to shoot their videos of tours, trekking, and other situations. The main features of the GoPro cameras are their frame rate options and adequate resolutions. The social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have increased the popularity of action cameras. The demand for action cameras is growing because most of the users share their outdoor activities or sports in such platforms. A new report states that the global action camera market is growing since 2014. The overall annual growth rate is almost 22.2%, as per the latest release of 2019. Hence, while mentioning the video production trend, not mentioning GoPro cameras will be a mistake.

Internet traffic is expected to rise during the coming year, and that means more videos will be viewed by consumers and business owners alike. Video production will continue to improve, grow, and find new methods of presentation as consumers demand more. Be prepared for the coming change, and you can ride the next wave of video production into the coming decade.

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