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AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Many things have changed since Apple introduced AirPods headsets. The public and the media have begun to take this model far more seriously, and the company has shown that with its solution, interactivity with the user can be raised to an extremely high level. Perfect wireless headsets for Apple devices come in the form of an ideal blend of simplicity and advanced technology like never before.

Extremely Smart Headsets

Essentially, AirPods headsets are a “smart” version of wireless headphones. In addition to quality audio, they also bring some great features as well as support for several very interesting gestures. There is also a Siri app with perfectly solved communication and a few unique options as well. No matter how unbelievable it may sound to some, the AirPods headset is special in every way, and Apple has also redefined their view of such product category with them.

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Design And Ergonomics

AirPods headsets are visually very similar to EarPods, except that they do not have a cable and are far more hardware-friendly. They are made from special materials, which, while being easy to maintain, do not create ear irritation and give these headphones extra added beauty. The AirPods headsets fit almost perfectly in the earbuds. That is achieved with the special ergonomic design. When properly placed in the ear canals, the possibility of dropping them is minimal. Many Youtube videos considering this topic make it clear that even when performing the most dynamic activities such as skiing, cycling, jogging, etc. – AirPods headphones are applied greatly to our ears. To show that this is a stable wireless headset, Apple company has even hired several athletes around the globe to wear these headphones while working out and actively use them every day. You guessed it – they were both, stable and great!

AirPods Pro

Of course, like most technology products, this one also had to be upgraded to meet customer needs even better. We didn’t have to wait long, and soon after AirPods Pro headsets came out. When these headphones were finally launched, the first thing users were interested in was finding out if they would fulfill everything they expected them to do and whether they could reasonably be called the successor to the classic AirPods headphones after testing. Fortunately, no one was disappointed! This time Apple designers have prioritized functionality rather than design, as the design of the new handsets is no different from the design of the classic handsets.

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Benefits of the Pro Version

Only the best of all previous devices are integrated into the new handsets. Users who are not fans of in-ear headsets may stay true to classic AirPods, but we cannot say that the Pro version does not have its advantages.

Preservation Of Hearing

The silicone end does not penetrate deep into the ear canal, which is excellent, above all, for preserving our hearing. The netting filter is placed on replaceable extensions so it can be cleaned and maintained very easily. While choosing the size of a silicone cartridge, it is important to adjust the extension to the size of your earlobe. If you have smaller ears, both S and M size should suit you. However, in the long run, it is better to choose smaller attachments as your ears will suffer less.

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

ANC Feature

The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a great addition to these tiny headsets. For example, the noise of public transport is perfectly cancelled out so you can see for yourself the first time you are on a train or a bus. Office ambient sounds (printer, air conditioning, etc.) are not a big and insurmountable obstacle for AirPods Pro headsets. If someone in your immediate area is talking loudly, you will only be able to hear it if your headset is not set to maximum volume.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is always a special issue, as it is a very subjective category. Still, listening to different genres, in different situations and over a long time – we have to admit that the sound quality is really good. Considerably richer than the standard version. In any case, it perfectly matches Apple’s ecosystem. They are easy to use and easy to install. An automatic system that recommends the right size of silicone attachments functions well, and the new gesture and motion control system is great.

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods


Accessories are always an essential element of any technical device, and many of those have become not only a technical but also a fashion accessory. Such is the case with AirPods Pro cases. According to iLounge, these are some of the most attractive ones.

1. Silicone Cases

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Although they look very simple, don’t let it fool you. Silicone cases will provide a very good safekeeping of this gadget. This means that they will be kept from mechanical shock and scratches. Besides, you can charge the battery of your headset and you won’t have to remove the extension. These covers are offered in many attractive colours.

2. Carbon Fibre Covers

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

This carbonic fibre cover is ideal for the individuals who need a tough, all-around protective case. Just place headsets in the case and disregard stressing whether your valuable gadget will endure your daily activities, jogging or hiking. These covers are made to be very durable. Its carbon fibre material is made for all purposes and may resist drops even on taller heights. Different colour alternatives make this AirPods case a good detail in your bag.

3. Superhero Themed Cases

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Want to have the image like your favourite superhero? Maybe it’s Superman or some other superhero? Finally, you have this opportunity. In addition to enjoying the superpower of your headphones, they will also be very well protected from damage, scratches and deformation. This cover is made out of high-quality silicone, which is very resistant even when it comes to long-term exposure to strong sun.

4. Leather Cases

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

For those more inclined towards elegance, there are leather covers for Airpods Pro. It is beautifully designed, functional and suited to every occasion. You will find these in some of the basic colours like black, brown or red. In addition to its protective purpose and sleek appearance, this cover also offers you the ability to control battery charging via an LED indicator.

5. Marvel Design

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Maybe you’re a fan of Marvel comics. If you are, you will be amazed by this choice of cases that are offered on the market. Marvel heroes – will keep safe your headset in a rubber cover that provides extra protection.

6. Cartoon Heroes

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

You are still a child in the soul and love that your favourite cartoon heroes travel anytime and anywhere with you. No problem. Whether you opt for Minnie Mouse or Lilo & Stitch – make sure everyone notices you. These holsters will keep the gadget safe and also be a very cute item in your handbag.

7. 3D Silicone Casing

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Do you want to give your headsets some uniqueness? You’ll love the 3D delicate cover and the wide range of models offered to you. You can even mask the earbuds and cover with charming Pokemons, or some other characters you like. As for their protective role, this AirPods embellishments cover won’t let you down.

8. Marble Patterned

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

Maybe you’re searching for something more than ordinary? Then this durable cover is the thing you really need. You may pick from various colours and designs, including plain white, brownish or a rainbow-coloured design. The permanent material is laser-fabricated and it’ll suit your needs perfectly.

9. C-Through Covers

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

This one can be such a modern fashionable accessory. They will emphasise the elegant looks of your gadget, but still, remain trendy. A special feature is small holes for the battery charger and a more clear vision of the light indicator.

10. Extra-Thin

AirPods Pro Accessories: Top 10 Cases For AirPods

The extra-thin cover will provide light but high-quality protection. You can opt for some of the many colouring shades. This cover is very simple to install and fits perfectly to your device.

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