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Jessica Rogan Net Worth 2020, Bio, Career

Jessica Rogan is an example of a lady who got famous because of the marriage with celebrity. When she married Joe Rogan, a successful stand-up comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host. Even though Jessica came into the spotlight thanks to the marriage, she also has a successful career. Rogan started as a waitress, but later on, became a TV producer. She also has experience in modeling, thanks to her good looks.

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Early Life

Jessica Rogan was born as a Jessica Schimmel on June 28, 1979, in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America. Her father, Robert, was an actor and comedian, and her mother, Vicki, was a housewife. Sadly, they got divorced when Jessica was 21 years old. Jessica’s father married her friend, and from that moment, she broke up the friendship and made distance with her father.

Rogan grew up with five siblings, four brothers, Derek, Sam, Max, and Jacob. She also has one sister named Aaliyah.

Jessica finished the University of Arizona and got her degree in psychology.

Professional Career

At the beginning of her career, Jessica worked as a cocktail waitress and a model. 2002 was vital for her, as he became part of the Simpsons production. She got a job as an assistant, which is a significant achievement. At the same time, Rogan worked on a documentary film Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed.

In 2010, Jessica worked for the Chinese model agency for three months. Afterward, she joined the Korean model agency. Also, she worked for Volvo Car Group and Volvo Motorsports.

However, Jessica realized she didn’t want to be a model and pursued the career of a TV producer. In that career, she has a lot of success as she is working for comedy events and stand-up comedies. Also, she participated in the shows of her husband.

Personal Life

Jessica started a relationship in 2001, and in 2009 the couple got married. Currently, love birds are in a happy and fulfilling marriage. They also have two daughters.

Jessica Rogan Net Worth 2020

Jessica has a successful career, which she built thanks to her talents. Jessica Rogan’s estimated net worth in 2020 is $1 million. However, she also shares her husband’s net worth of $25 million.

Jessica and Joe are enjoying a luxury together life. They live in a mansion that is worth more than $2 million.



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