How Photo Quality Can Help You Improve Your Ecommerce Business

With the US economy booming, running an eCommerce business has never been more profitable. The main obstacle surrounding any type of business is whether the people have money to do business with you. And as we’ve seen recently, the US has never been in a better situation in regards to its economy.

Naturally, this opens a pathway for entrepreneurial people that want to engage in opening a business for themselves. And it seems that the perfect blueprint would be an eCommerce business. But the economy isn’t the only thing standing on your side in these current times. The internet, the advancements of the World Wide Web, social media, and various other technologies all make that a possibility.

Globalization is yet another factor that plays a key role, where you can send literary any kind of package anywhere in the world. And while the climate is definitely good for business, you still need to improve some things for your business to function and be sustainable. There are various factors that naturally impact whether an eCommerce business will improve or succeed, and one of those is photo quality.

Photo quality is only but a tiny part of the larger picture of a term called “visuals”. On the World Wide Web, having good visuals will propel your business to an unimaginable height. So focusing on it would be a no-brainer decision. And that’s, why, in this article, we are going to focus on how photo quality can improve your eCommerce business.

High Quality vs Low Quality

As eCommerce is essentially buying or selling goods or services via the internet, there must be a way for the customers to view that sat goods or services. This is easily allowed through a photo of the product or service.

As a simple photo is a gateway between the customer and the thing you’re selling, it goes without saying that the photography in question must be of the highest quality.

Below, we will explain why.

1. High-Quality Photos Help Sell

Picture this in your mind. Would you buy something solely if you had only the looks to judge by? Would you buy a dress if it looks nice? Of course, you would, and this applies to eCommerce.

As we mentioned, we tend to favor things that look nice and of high quality. And, when shopping online, we tend to favor those products that have a high-quality photo describing them.

When a product of an eCommerce website has a high-quality photo attached to it, then that product will sell more than those with smudgy photos. It goes without saying, and this is a very obvious rule of business, good looks sell.

2. Accurately Describing the Colors of A Product Will Minimize Returns

One of the biggest reasons why people return products when purchasing online has to do with color inaccuracy. People will not stand by and take it when someone sells them something different than what they saw on the description photo.

People alter the color of the original photography to make it more appealing, and this is a clear and obvious scam in eCommerce. This, however, is mostly the case when using low-quality imagery. Since the photo of the product is of poor quality, they choose to edit the original’s properties to make it more appealing.

So, when the product ships and arrives at a person’s home, they instantly notice the difference.

As suggested by Background Remove, a website that helps eCommerce owners create the highest quality photos for their products, accurately describing the colors of a product is one way to achieve authenticity and trust.

3. More Details Means Better Analysis

If there is something that customers want, its attention to detail. Namely, when analyzing the product, your customers will want to know everything about it.

This is only possible with high-quality photos, where the viewer can inspect the entire image without worrying too much about it being blurry.

Also, you can always optimize your website and allow customers to zoom in and out on the photo. This is one of those “touch and feel” aspects of eCommerce that customers are all about. You make the buying decision that much easier for your customers when they are given the option to interact with the product’s photo.

4. High-Quality Photos Can Trigger an Urge to Buy

This is something similar to one of the previous points we mentioned, but also something totally different.

While high-quality photos do sell, it’s the way you present them that conduct the business. Namely, your eCommerce business could be selling anything; from sneakers to apparel, accessories, gadgets, devices, anything. But you need to create a social trigger for your customers to buy your product.

How would you do that? Well, if you can somehow show the product in action though a high-quality photo, you can create that social trigger. For example, women shopping for blenders will be more interested in buying a specific product if you show them how it works.

This is a type of strategy that many businesses heavily focus on. That is why you are met with dozens of photos every time you visit one. And, naturally, the same can be applied to an eCommerce business.

What to Focus on When Taking a Good Photo

There are multiple aspects to focus on when taking a photo of your product through a high-quality camera. Some of the most important ones are:

The Camera Itself

You cannot take a photo is you don’t have a camera, but you cannot take a high-quality photo with a camera that isn’t capable of it. And the camera doesn’t even have to be as expensive as you think.


Without a shadow of a doubt, lighting plays a central role in photography; and one that cannot be overlooked. A rule of thumb in photography is to avoid using artificial light and use more natural light. However, that is very hard to achieve and most photography studios use artificial light.


We mentioned that you shouldn’t change the color of the photo before uploading it to your website. But, there is nothing that says you cannot make slight alterations that will enhance the quality of the photography. Just remember; nothing drastic.



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