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Catherine Herridge Bio, Net Worth 2020, Personal Life

Catherine Herridge is one of the most successful journalists in America. During her career, she gained a lot of respect from the audience. Besides her enormous talent for journalism, Catherine is also an author and significant television personality. Currently, she is working for the Fox News Channel as a Chief Intelligence correspondent.

Stay tuned and find out Catherine’s real-life struggles and all about her incomes.

Early Life

Catherine was born on May 18, 1964, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a citizen of both America and Canada. Herridge was born in a military family, and both of her parents are Canadian. There are no many details about her childhood.

She finished Jarvis Collegiate Institute and afterward continued education on the Harvard College and got a Bachelor’s degree. Besides, she finished Colombia University School of Journalism and received a Master’s degree.

Professional Career

Soon after her education, Catherine started to work as a London based correspondent for ABC News. In 1996 she joined the Fox News Channel and got a job as a Chief Intelligence Correspondent in Washington, DC.

Catherine was the first one to cover the 9/11 attack, and she interviewed with Mike Rogers, the chairman of House Intelligence Committee Congressman. Also, she was a reporter from places all over the world, such as Iraq, Qatar, Israel, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay. Besides, she covered Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign.

While she was working for the Fox Files, she investigated a lot of exciting topics such as prescription drugs, Medicare fraud, and child prostitution. Catherine received the award Bronze World Medal for her dedication. She also covered the Northern Ireland peace agreement to the Death of Princess Diana.

Catherine resealed the book named The Next Wave, which is a collection of the events and experiences that she witnessed.

Personal Life

Catherine lives a happy married life with J.D. Hayes from March 13, 2004, when they got married. The couple has two sons, and when they got a younger son, they faced a real-life drama. Her son, Peter, was born with rare liver disease, biliary atresia. Catherine donated 20% of her liver, and luckily after the operation, the mother and the son fully recovered. From that time, Herridge was involved in various campaigns about organ donation.

Catherine Herridge Net Worth 2020

Thanks to her amazing career and talent for journalism, Catherine accumulated a significant amount of cash. She covered a lot of events and worked for different stations, so she earns money from a career as a journalist. Also, she has incomes form her book. Catherine has an estimated net worth of $10 million.



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