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Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020, Bio, Life

Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020, Bio, Life
Kristy Althaus is a beauty pageant contestant who got famous after she lost her place in the Miss Colorado Teen USA. She got involved in a porn scandal. It is not a rare thing that beauty pageant was involved in such scandals, but Kristy’s scandal drew a lot of media’s attention. Before that happened, she was not famous.

If you are interested in finding out details about the beautiful controversial lady, you should stay tuned and read the article below.

Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020, Bio, Life
Early Life

Kristy Althaus was born in Aurora, Colorado on May 2, 1994. Details about her childhood, parents or siblings are not known as she didn’t reveal any of that information.

When she entered the pageant contest, she was at the college and was a promising student. At Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 she was behind that year’s winner Jacqueline Zuccherino. At that time, Kristy said that she was ready to step in if the winner couldn’t fulfill her duties.

Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020, Bio, Life

Why was Kristy stripped of Miss Colorado Teen USA?

In 2013 Kristy’s adult video showed up in the media. The footage made judges change their mind and stripped her a title. In the porn clip, Kristy was on the bad, when a man asked her for her age, and she replied 18. Also, she got asked if that was her first adult movie, and Kristy answered affirmatively.

The promoters of the pageant, Future Productions deleted Kristy’s name from Official Results website and also the video showing Althaus was removed from YouTube. It’s still not confirmed that it was her on the video as the organizers or Kristy didn’t make any statements about that matter. However, soon after the scandal, Kristy deleted her Twitter account.

There used to be different arguments about the topic. Some fans said that Althaus didn’t do anything wrong, but on the other hand, a lot of people consider that she is guilty.

However, a few months later, Kristy decided to start a career as an adult movie star. Soon after, she made two adults movies that were a hit online.

Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020, Bio, Life

Personal Life
Kristy Althaus was in a relationship with famous football player Derek Wolfe. After the porn scandal, Derek stood by her and gave her support on the social media, but the couple split after she started porn career.

Kristy Althaus Net Worth 2020
Kristy Althaus’s net worth in 2020 is estimated to be around $500,000 thousand. She earned money from a beauty pageant and porn movies.

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