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Kelsey Calemine Net Worth 2020, Instagram Stardom, Photo Blogging

Kelsey Calemine is well known among Instagram lovers. She runs the profile named “fatherkels” where she is posting photos of herself. She accumulated more than 2,4 million followers by now.

Not only she gained a lot of followers, but Kelsey also drew the attention of actress Lucy Hale. Namely, the actress found the undeniable similarity between her and Kelsey’s facial features. To confirm that statement, she posted a picture of Kelsey on her Instagram account. On her post, she also noted that Kelsey looks a lot like the reality TV star Kylie Jenner, making her a 50-50 mix of the two famous celebrities. She also posted the same picture on her Tweeter.

Although Kelsey Calemine has been popular even before these photos, this was the boost to her rising Instagram model career. Various tabloids began talking about their similarities and started to reach out to Kelsey for her inputs. Kelsey has been awarded the title “Instagram babe of the week” by “Galore” magazine.

Kelsey Calemine Net Worth 2020

It is estimated that Kelsey Calemine’s net worth is 300,000 dollars. Her successful online career gave her numerous opportunities. She is promoting some products and collaborates with other Instagram stars. Her contents are entertaining, so it’s not hard for her to keep the followers by her side.

Internet Fame

Kelsey was already famous before the “Pretty Little Liars” star, Lucy Hale noticed her. Soon after launching the profile on Instagram, Calemine drew the attention of many followers. She gained popularity through photo blogging. She was interested in short forms and eye-catching content rather than long-form written blogs. It turns out that the Instagram public loves It to.

By now, she has almost 2,5 million followers. She uploads photos of herself wearing new fashion styles regularly. However, 20 years of Instagram attraction is best known for her frequent change of hairstyles and hair colors. She had black, blonde, even pink hair.

Anyway, her popularity boosted rapidly when famous actress Lucy Hale posted a picture of Calemine referring to their similarity. Fans of Hale started to become followers of Kelsey. They become connecting her to Kylie Jenner, too, indicating that she is a 50-50 mix of these two celebrities.

Many online portals reposted the picture of Kelsey Calemine with the caption: “If Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner had a child, it would look like this.” It is said that she has the eyebrows of Lucy Hale and the pout of Kylie Jenner.


There is no information if Kelsey is in a relationship right now, but we do know some of her ex-boyfriends. She was in a relationship with Ryland Lynch, a member of the band R5 who is also popular on Instagram. Before she started a love story with Lynch, Calemine was dating Asher Brown.



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