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Britney Spears wants ‘increased custody time with the boys’ in 2020

Britney Spears had a terrible 2019. In the early part of the year, she had to cancel her concerts because her dad was ill. Then her doctors were trying to put her on different medications, and she had some kind of breakdown. Then her father likely committed her to a mental health facility against her will, at least that’s what she told the court when her conservatorship was being reviewed. Then her father physically abused one of her sons and Kevin Federline took back primary custody of the boys until Britney and Jamie’s situation was resolved. I actually think it’s probably a good sign that we haven’t heard much about Britney in a few months. I hope she’s doing better and I hope that Jamie Spears’ role as her conservator is under some kind of permanent review. The conservatorship is the crux of so many problems these days, and I feel like some sh-t it going to happen with it in 2020. We’ll see. For now, Us Weekly says that Britney really wants to get back to 50/50 custody with her sons:

A mother’s love. Britney Spears is planning to go to court next year to fight for more time with her sons following drama over her conservatorship with her father, Jamie Spears, and an altered custody agreement with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

The “…Baby One More Time” singer is hoping to get to spend a more equal amount of time with her kids, Preston, 14, and Jayden, 13, who she shares with the DJ, 41, a source tells Us Weekly exclusively.

“Britney’s goal in the new year is to go to family court and petition the judge for increased custody time with the boys,” the insider tells Us. “She will have the boys on Christmas Eve, and they will go to their dad’s at some point on Christmas Day.”

In September, a judge ruled that Spears would get the kids 30 percent of the time — she and Federline previously had a 50-50 split after their 2007 divorce. A source told Us earlier this month that Britney and her ex do “not have much of a relationship” apart from “everyday coparenting stuff. They’re cordial but don’t do very much as a family.”

Britney’s joint custody of the boys is tied – somewhat – to her conservatorship. As in, Jamie has a big role in how much time Britney has always gotten with Sean and Jayden. But Jamie was violent towards one of the boys this year, and… yeah, the whole thing’s still a mess, even though the investigation into Jamie went nowhere. Basically, everything’s still f–ked but maybe 2020 will bring some better news. And clearly, Kevin is still committed to ensuring that Britney still spends time with the boys. Which is a good thing.

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