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Meaningful Names For Baby Girls You'll Love

Meaningful names for baby girls you will love

There many names to choose from especially for girls. We all want to have cool names for our baby girls. Should it be unique or popular? And what about our favorite celebrities?
Maybe finding a meaningful name is more important? We sorted best baby names and picked the right cute names that you might be interesting about.

Mila – It is a Slavic name as it contains the essentials of the word “milu”. It means “gracious dear” which is very cute.
Maya – another meaningful name that all parents love! It comes from Hebrew origin and means water. Maya is famous in Sanskrit too with a different meaning “illusion”
Cara – It is a new name for girls, which become very trendy these days. Cara means beloved.
Clara – a feminine name all girls love and still cute to name your baby girl Clara.

Tips When Choosing Your Baby Girl Name Consider your family names when thinking of your baby name. You can use older names from the family that pass from a generation to another. If your aunt’s first name is Jane and her middle name is also Jane, you might find that name interesting to you.
You can also be the first who use the new name you choose to your girl after the name of a relative. If you don’t like using names of immediate relatives, ask elder people about the name of great great aunt! Some names are just unique and especial. Your baby girl name should be natural at the same time while keeping your last name in mind.

Here you can find beautiful names we are sure you will like:



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