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Molly Sims on jewelry: ‘you’ll always remember who gave it to you and when’


Kaiser, Hecate and I have an understanding about who covers which stories. (Quimby is new so we’re snagging her favorites all the time, sorry Quimby!) We each have our preferred celebrities and topics. In this case Hecate usually covers Molly Sims because she’s either met her or knows someone who knows her, I can’t remember, and says she’s an awesome person. Kaiser usually covers jewelry stories because she loves jewelry. She covered a nap story though so this is my passive aggressive coverage of one of her favorite things. I like jewelry too! I’m trying to wear more of it lately although my attempts are amateurish. I’m only starting to layer necklaces and wear statement pieces. I feel like I’m out of my depth with jewelry and if I remember to wear earrings it’s a start. Anyway Molly Sims has a new interview with US Magazine in which she’s promoting her partnership with a jewelry company. She talks about her jewelry philosophy and I wanted to discuss it.

When it comes to jewelry “rules” the mom of three doesn’t follow any strict guidelines and relies on the motto “the more the merrier.”

“I don’t think a look is ever finished about jewelry. I always need an earring or a necklace. … I am all about mixing metals. It makes it look cooler and less ‘try hard’,” she dishes.

Another pro-tip she swears by: “Don’t be afraid to stack your neck and your arm. … However, Rachel Zoe did teach me a great trick back in the day and told me that if I’m going to do an arm stack, to only do one arm. Don’t go crazy on both, it’s too much.”

Besides completing an overall look, the entrepreneur also loves accessories because of the way they make her feel.

“If you’re receiving a piece of jewelry, you’ll always remember it and who gave it to you and when. There’s something about jewelry that holds a special sentiment,” [Sims] says.

“I have a charm necklace that I have collected for about 20 years. When my husband and I started dating, he bought be a few charms that I love and cherish and wear to this day. … He also bought me a very tiny gold choker in South Africa that I cherish forever. I also love my engagement ring, obviously. I almost fainted when he got down on one knee and put it on,” she exclaims.

[From US Magazine]

My mom gave me all her earrings and I was simultaneously upset and thrilled. I wear them all the time. My ex husband gave me some beautiful jewelry, there’s this amazing multi-strand gold necklace I always get compliments on, and since we’re still on good terms I’ll wear it. I’m superstitious though and won’t wear it on dates. I agree that you remember who gave you a piece, but I don’t always remember when I received it. As for mixing metals – you can do that? I thought that was a complete no-no. I don’t think I have the chutzpah to pull it off. It’s like that pink and red fashion trend – you really have to be sure of yourself to pull off some of those rule-breaking looks.

Also Molly looks different in the fuschia dress, right? Is it her makeup?





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