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Meika Woollard Net Worth 2019, Bio, Life, Career

Meika Woollard is a young Australian star, mostly famous for her modeling and influencing career. Today she lives and works in Victoria, Australia.

Early Life and Career

Meika Woollard is born on 21st April 2004 in Victoria, Australia. Meika grew up in a family with her father Joh, mother Andrea, and with two younger sisters, India and River. India follows her sister’s steps in modeling career. However, Meika started her modeling career while she was only three years old, for kid’s brands and clothes. When she got a bit older, she was a model for Kmart and Target brands for clothes and Sudo&Life for bags.

We can see her beautiful face in campaigns for many famous brands, such as Witchery Kids, Cotton, Tutu Du Monde, Sudo, Kmart, Myer, Fred&Frank, Country Road, etc.

When Meika was twelve years old, she signed a contract with the IMG Worldwide modeling agency, and she started to appear in public more often. Soon after that, Meika featured in the L.A. campaign, where she is placed among ”top 100 beautiful kids in the world.” Besides, while Meika was working for Country Road brand, she appeared in their billboard commercials four times in a row.

Today she is fifteen years old, and she has severe projects in a row. Besides modeling, Meika appeared in a short drama film ”Bluff” in 2016. She also appeared in several music videos, such as ”Take Me Over” by Peking Duk in 2015, and the official video for Kids Fashion Week in Australia in 2014, called ”The Little Runaway.”

Furthermore, one year after the debut in a film, Meika gave an interview for ”Flawless Magazine” where she also had an excellent photo shooting. In the same year (2017), she appeared in ”Kid Flash” magazine, and after that, she officially became the most followed teenage model in Australia on the Internet.

Personal Life

Meika’s personal life is not that publicly open, as she tries to live her life normally. As she is still a teenager, she needs to attend high school, and she wants to live her life just like the rest of her friends. However, Meika has a lot of challenges regarding her modeling career, and she is often busy and traveling. Still, she wants to finish high school and enroll in a University.

It knows that Meika is fully business-oriented and has a lot of work as a model; many start questioning whether she has a boyfriend or not. Meika seems to be single, but she is often seen together with a model William Franklyn Miller, and the two have a lot of photo sessions together; therefore, it might be something between them.

Moreover, it is not hard for Meika to draw attention from people, as she is one of the most beautiful teen models in Australia, and beyond. Also, her army of followers in social media proves that, as she has more than 450k followers on her Instagram, and 19k followers on Facebook.

Meika Woollard Net Worth 2019

Meika Wollard is a fifteen years old professional model, and by this time, she already attended severe fashion shows and featured in numerous modeling campaigns for famous brands. Therefore, one might assume that Meika already makes a lot of money for herself, and that is true.

Meika’s estimated net worth is around $800,000, which makes her one of the tops paid teenage models in Australia today. However, if she is capable of making such money before she reached her adult age, there is only left to see how much she will make once she starts to work as an adult model.



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