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Amazon Alexa can lead to violent diarrhea thanks to new Chipotle skill

I’ve never been a big fan of Chipotle. The restaurant’s food tastes gross to me– it is essentially a bunch of slop wrapped in a tortilla. The crazy thing is, I love Mexican food too — I regularly enjoy burritos from other places. The few times I ate at Chipotle, I ended up feeling sick afterwards too, with extreme intestinal distress. Ugh. Never again.

Apparently I am not alone in feeling ill from that restaurant’s food — even popular TV show South Park once had an episode about that very topic. Cartoons aside, there have been many cases of E. Coli infections caused by Chipotle across the USA. In other words, the restaurant’s contaminated food has caused violent diarrhea to many people. Today, Chipotle announces a new way to order its food for either delivery or pickup — an Alexa skill!

“We always strive to introduce additional access points in the Chipotle ordering experience and overall digital ecosystem. With this new skill for Alexa, our customers can get their favorite Chipotle orders delivered straight to their door in the most convenient way possible — all they need to do is ask,” says Nicole West, Vice President of Digital Strategy and Product Management, Chipotle.

The company also explains, “Additionally, Chipotle has also rolled out its own artificial intelligence-generated voice assistants to all 2,500 restaurants. The system is designed to reduce friction in the restaurants so that customers can go through the entire ordering process effortlessly and employees can focus on providing the strongest possible guest experience in the restaurants. The voice automation provides the option to pay ahead and the ability to skip the line and go straight to the digital pickup shelves or drive through the Chipotlane to collect the order.”

Will all people get sick from Chipotle? No. Heck, some people eat there often without issue. If you trust the food safety of Chipotle, this new Amazon Alexa skill may prove very useful. Believe it or not, for a limited time, the restaurant will even be giving away free Echo Dot devices to customers that can prove their legal name is “Alexa.”



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