Aaron Carter Is Currently In The Hospital Dealing With His Family Drama Stress


It’s been a little over a month since we checked in with Aaron Carter, and if the universe was reliable and predictable, we’d be hearing that Aaron went ahead and gave the world another cringeworthy tattoo. Who knew that honor would go to Moby and Kat Von D instead? We’ve got an Aaron update, but things have taken a turn, and he’s currently in the hospital.

Earlier today, Aaron posted a picture to Instagram, showing himself all snuggled up in a hospital bed. He geotagged the picture, which means Aaron is ok with us all knowing that he’s currently at a hospital in Miramar Beach, Florida. Aaron’s family is from Florida, and his mom still lives there. Which is why he’s at a hospital in the gator state, and not at a hospital in Canada, where he claimed last month to be living. Aaron captioned the photo: “Mommas gonna take care of you,” which according to TMZ, is exactly what Aaron’s mom Jane Carter did.

Aaron’s mom, Jane, tells TMZ…Aaron arrived at her house Thursday in Florida and she was immediately alarmed at his dangerously low weight. She tells us he’s now at a mere 115 pounds. At one point, Aaron weighed nearly 160 pounds.

Jane says that once they arrived at the hospital, Aaron had his blood pressure tested. Eventually he was hooked up to a heart monitor, and he’s currently waiting on the results of that test. But Aaron’s mom believes that all of Aaron’s problems (come and get them, medical professionals) stem from Aaron’s terrible relationship with his siblings.

As you may recall, Nick Carter and his sister Angel Carter both took out restraining orders against Aaron in September, after Aaron allegedly threatened to kill Nick’s then-pregnant wife. Those restraining orders are still very much active, and Jane says that knowing he has to legally keep away from his family is stressing Aaron right out. Aaron also has a not-great history with drugs, but we might have to wait for him to take a live drug test on social media before we can rule that out.

Jane also launched a fresh Instagram account recently. It currently has two pictures, both of Aaron (one of which is Aaron in that hospital bed). Her bio reads as follows:

I manage @AaronCarter My SON – I nurtured him into the most international superstars of this era. We’ve traveled the world and our journey begins again.”

Apparently their journey begins with Jell-O and an adjustable bed in a Florida medical facility. But also, Aaron’s mom is clearly a big part of his life at the moment. Aaron tweeted about his mom’s return as his manager, and she announced she’d be taking control of his social media accounts while he recuperates.

I hope Mamma Jane is the kind of influence who can help Aaron get his life back on a good track. But I just wish she’d picked a different nickname. Mamma Jane sounds a little too much like Mama June, and that woman should be no stage mother’s influence or inspiration.


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