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Jane Fonda Avoided Arrest At The Last “Fire Drill Friday” Climate Protest

Jane Fonda could be spending her Friday afternoons eating Ben & Jerry’s while wearing cashmere loungewear in her living room that’s so luxurious it makes a Nancy Meyers movie set look like a crack den. Instead, she spent this past Friday beating the pavement with the actual Ben and Jerry, protesting climate change in DC for the fifth week straight. The first four times she participated in “Fire Drill Friday“, Jane was arrested. This time however, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane avoided arrest because she’s in danger of being held for 90 days, and she wants to be sure she’s available when her Netflix show Grace And Frankie starts filming its sixth season. That’s right, not only is Jane principled and proud, she’s booked and blessed, honey.

THR reports:
This week, the actress was joined by Ben & Jerry’s co-founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, among others, during her climate change demonstrations.

For the fifth straight week, Jane Fonda led a throng of climate change protestors in Washington, D.C. But unlike the previous instances, the actress avoided arrest.
Now, when I read that Jane avoided arrest, I obviously pictured her ducking and dodging some Keystone Cops, teasing them to chase her around in circles until they fell over themselves and split their pants as she ran off cackling. But I guess Jane decided to just leave the protest early instead. So principled, proud, and practical!



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