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Beena Patel Net Worth, Bio, Life, Career

Beena Patel Net Worth, Bio, Life, Career

Beena Patel, mostly known as a lovely spouse of a famous American comedian Hasan Minhaj. However, this pretty lady has her attributes and qualities, and here is an insight into her personal life.

Beena Patel Net Worth, Bio, Life, Career

Early Life and Career

Beena Patel, born in a large Indian family, comes from the United States, where she grew up and finished her schooling. Beena developed strong communication skills, as she comes from a large and mixed family with Indian roots, she is fluent in English, Hindu, Spanish, and Gujarati. Therefore, Beena is smart as much as she is pretty. Also, she graduated from the University of California, L.A, and her major was Psychology with the implements of Neurobiology and Behavioral Analysis.

After her graduation, Beena decided to continue her education and enrolled in the University of California, Davis School of Medicine, for her M.A. studies. Moreover, Beena didn’t stop there, and she even got her doctorate, therefore, now she is known as Dr. Beena Minhaj, and she even received a Roemer Award prize in 2013. It is also known that Beena was very active during her Ph.D. studies, and she volunteered in various health organizations and was a principal organizer for many charity events.

Nowadays, Beena works as a clinical research manager at Retinal Consultants in Sacramento, California. Besides, she worked for CAVE Consulting Group, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, and many more.

Beena Patel Net Worth, Bio, Life, Career

Personal Life

Apart from a marvelous career and her desire to help people, thus becoming a doctor, Beena has a fulfilled own life, as she married one of the most famous and handsome Indian comedians in the U.S.

Moreover, Beena and Hasan first met at the University, while they were students still. The couple started dating soon after the first meeting, and they decided to start a long – term relationship. However, Beena, coming from an Indian family, chose to respect the customs and her religion, therefore, she refuses to move with him before they got married. Luckily, for Hasan, that didn’t last long, as the couple exchanged their vows in a private and simple ceremony, unlike traditional Indian weddings in 2015.

Beena and Hasan are living their lives in harmony, and they welcomed the first child in 2018 when they got a daughter. However, as Beena is not a fan of a broad audience, they kept her name in privacy, and they are trying to do the same with their life. Knowing that Hasan is a famous comedian, and he has many performances, it is tough to keep it private.

Beena Patel Net Worth

The Minhaj family, Beena, and Hasan are both successful in their fields, and they seem like they don’t plan to stop with their careers any time soon. However, Beena is hiding all private information from the public eyes, but it is estimated that her net worth is around $50, 000. Moreover, they have shared accounts, and we believe their joint income is higher than this.

Interesting Facts

Beena is known for her passion for helping people. However, many don’t know about it because of her low presence in social media. Unlike her husband, Beena has a private account, and she doesn’t share her online content with the public. She is a proud mother, and she keeps the life of her daughter away from media, as she wants her to grow up in a healthy and normal environment.

Moreover, Beena enjoys decorating, and she is a talented interior decorator. She furnished the entire apartment in New York when she married Hasan.

Beena is a very dedicated spouse, and she always finds time to accompany Hasan in his important events, dinners, and shows.

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