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The Most Popular Telugu Artists

Telugu Music is something that’s really famous in India, but if you aren’t from there, chances are that you’ve probably never really heard about it. Today we’re here to talk about Telugu music in general and give some credit to the most popular Telugu Artists. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know.

What is Telugu Music?

Telugu is the type of music that’s very popular in India, and it is characterized by unique and traditional instruments that you cannot really see or hear anywhere else. Because this music originates from a very long time ago, today’s version and the traditional version are very different, but that still doesn’t remove the fact that today’s Telugu Music sounds absolutely amazing.

Where is Telugu Music used?

The Indian cinematography has a very interesting marketing trick where they combine the music with the movies they produce on a very regular basis, creating a great advertising strategy where both things are rising in popularity at the same time. If you’ve watched a Bollywood movie before, there are pretty high chances you’ve heard a Telugu song.

What are the most popular Telugu Artists?

Just like we said before, Telugu music is really popular in India, which means that a lot of new artists are trying to make their name known on a daily basis. However, not everyone can become successful in one night. Currently, the most popular Telugu artists are:

  • SS Thaman with the latest release of Prathi Roju Pandaga, a soundtrack for a famous Film.
  • Anji with the release of Om Shanti Om and Manava Manava
  • Gudumba Shankar with the release of Le Le Le Le and Chilakamma
  • Bunny with Maro Maro and Va Va Vareva

There are a lot more Telugu artists that are famous in India, but according to naa songs, the ones we listed above are currently holding the top places on the charts.

What is the characteristic of Telugu Music?

Telugu Songs always have a positive and uplifting nature, meaning that if you are feeling a bit “down” and sad, they will most likely be able to lift up your mood. Indian people, in general, are usually very happy and they try to cherish life at any given moment, and the exact same thing can be seen in their music as well. It’s rare to find a sad or melancholic song in their music. The more popular hits that have music videos are a good example of this as well. In most videos, you can see people dancing and being happy, with some of them including a short story that also ends up with a happy ending almost always.

Now for their cinematography, they do know how to make comic movies and TV Series with happy endings, but they also know how to make a good drama every now and then, although most of the time they also end up happily. We encourage you to take a look at their music and see if you like it. Some of the instruments that you’re going to hear will probably confuse you at first, but as you keep listening to the music you will slowly fall in love with their sound.



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