How to Write Business Letters in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a popular program for writing many types of documents. Today we have prepared some interesting tricks on how to use this program for making business letters.

Here are different ways to make your perfect business letter.

Firstly, will it be printed or sent by email? This choice depends on the intention and how the recipient accepts the correspondence. You also need to choose the right kind of paper. It can be U. S. standard size 8.5 x 14 inches or also known as “legal size.” In other cases, you can print your letter on an 8.5 x 11-inch paper (known as “letter size”).

Secondly, choose the subject. The subject of a business letter can be individually selected for your needs accordingly. Regardless of the chosen topics and writing assignments, the structure of writing is the same.

You can start with a blank document in Microsoft Word and save it as a template. Here are the following steps:

  • Click File, and then click the New
  • Choose Blank document, and then Create.

Change the margin settings, page size and orientation, styles, and other formats. No matter what your letter contents, there are a few business standards to follow regarding the way it looks. Employ block paragraphing. This step means that you start a new paragraph by hitting “return” twice. Don’t use indenting for block paragraphs. Better to use one-inch margins on all sides. Also, compose an emailed business letter in a standard font. Business letters should be typed and written in a font such as Arial or Times New Roman. Use just black and white colors and scripts in a business email. By the way, this rule should be followed not only while writing business letters, but in academic writing as well. For example, sticking to the format is important while you are writing an essay. If you want to see how to format a paper properly, consider buying a college essay on a writing service like EssayBulls. In this way, you will not make mistakes while formatting anymore.

1. Insert the letterhead or typed heading

Write here your (sender’s) name and address or the name and address of your company. Each part of the address starts on a new line. If you’re an independent contractor or self-employed, add your name either in place of the company name or above it. If your company has a designed letterhead with proper text in the logo, you can use this part instead of typing out your company info and address. If you’re typing the address, it should appear right or left-justified at the top of the page. The place depends on you and your company’s specifications. If you’re sending the letter to a location outside of your country, type out the name of the country in capital letters.

2. Date

Writing out the full date is the professional choice. For example, write “November 1, 2019” or “1 November 2019.” This part should write left-justified. Shift some lines below the sender’s address. If you wrote your letter over several days, use the date that you finished the letter.

3. Inside address

Include here the receiver’s name, designation, and address. Each piece of information goes on a separate line. If necessary, include a reference number. The recipient’s data should be left-justified — shift a few lines below the date. Now the letter addressed to a specific person. He or she will be able to respond to your message faster this way. If you don’t know the particular name of the person to whom you are sending the letter, do a bit of research. Find the company on the internet and figure out the person’s name and title.

4. Salutation

The salutation is essential in business lettering. It is an indicator of respect and the level of formality in your relationship. These are some following options to consider: write “To Whom It May Concern” only if you don’t know who, especially, you’re addressing. Whether you do not know the recipient well, choose safely, “Dear Sir/Madam.” You may safely use the recipient’s title and last name, e.g., “Dear Dr. Kennedy.”

If you know the recipient and have the benefit of a non-formal relationship with him or her, you may indicate a first-name address, e.g., “Dear John.” If you are not sure the gender of the recipient, type the full name, e.g., “Dear Caroline Walsh.”

Type a comma after a salutation or a colon after “To Whom It May Concern.”

5. Body

Try to set the tone for your letter. Figure out the main message you want to express. Then write your thoughts concise and clear. Business people value their time like no other. Start immediately from: “I am writing to you regarding …” Then describe the clear intention to the recipient: solve the issue, correct the mistake, change their decision, take action, or correct the problem. For example, you may want them to give your money back for incompetent service or inferior quality products.

Avoid the passive voice in your formulation. Just for better understanding appeal on your behalf with personal pronounce as I, me, you, we. Remember to ask courteously. Nobody will want to deal with you if your expressions are rude. Be helpful and friendly. Use questions to cooperate and interact.

6. Complimentary closing

The closing has the same importance as an indicator of your respect as the salutation. The examples “Sincerely” and “Yours Sincerely” are generally formal; also useful rate “Cordially,” “Regards,” “Respectfully,” and “Yours Truly.” Less formal but still professional closings: “All the best,” “Best wishes,” “Warm regards,” and “Thank you.” Put a comma after the phrase.

7. Signature

Leave some space for your hand signature. It can be four free lines. Scan the image or make a photo of your signature and attach it to this part of the letter. Just click the Insert tab and then Insert image. Write your signature with black or blue ink.

8. Typed name

Under your signature, type your name, title, phone number, email address, and any other applicable means of contact. Give each piece of information its line.

After the complete check-up, add content controls such as an instructional text, date picker, and graphics. If you want this template to appear in all new documents, it is better to save it and then base your work on it in the future.

  • Click File and then choose Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog box, do the following:

On Windows 7, find and click Templates at the top of the folder list under Microsoft Word.

On Windows Vista, find and click Templates under Favorite Links.

On Windows XP, under Save in, choose Trusted Templates.

  • Give a file name to the new template, select Word Template in the Save as type list, and then click Save.
    Note that you can also save the template as a Word Macro-Enabled Template (.dotm file) or a Word 97-2003 Template (.dot file).
  • Close the template 🙂

With these few simple tips, you can write a fantastic business letter or even create your templates in Microsoft Word.


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