Top 5 Biggest Companies That Accepts Bitcoin In 2019

If you are reading this article, you may have asked yourself one important question that can no longer be ignored, which is when does cryptocurrency become more than a store of value? There is no doubt that a lot of advances have been made as far as integrating bitcoin into our daily lives like traditional payment or cashless payments, but there is still a long journey ahead.

There are many reasons why bitcoin is yet to make the impact that was predicted many years ago, but one major concern has been the volatility of the digital currency. However, this has not discouraged investors from betting on digital currencies now that there are several with ever-increasing popularity.

To the layperson, it may be difficult to convince them to invest in bitcoin because it is a sector and is yet to be the solution that experts think will revolutionise global payment and finance. Companies like are contributing immensely to bring bitcoin closer to the people through their bitcoin ATMs located across the UK. Now you can trade, buy and sell your bitcoin in a few minutes.

There is a growing number of small and large businesses that are tapping into bitcoin payment by installing bitcoin ATMs within their business premises or by accepting payments online. In this article, we are going to discuss some big companies that are accepting bitcoin in 2019.


Microsoft made the big announcement that it will be accepting bitcoin for account top-up, which can be used to buy apps and software. They began accepting it as far back as 2014 when the price of one bitcoin was about $300. Microsoft stopped accepting it for a moment due to a surge in transaction fees in 2017. But they have enabled payments again for the purchase of games, movies, and apps from the Xbox and Windows stores.

Any company accepting bitcoin payment is taking a huge but necessary risk to help make cryptocurrency a practical payment solution.


Namecheap added bitcoin payment as an option in 2013, making it one of the first big companies to accept this cryptocurrency. Accepting bitcoin was a great move by the company and a way to signal its position on internet freedom and similar initiatives like Fight for the Future and Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Wikipedia is one of the biggest websites in the world, ranking 5th on Alexa, making it one of the most visited websites. The online encyclopedia is, in fact, a very crucial resource for the internet users. The website is non-profit and is exclusively funded by donations from users. The organization made the announcement it will begin accepting bitcoin donations in 2014.

KFC Canada

The company announced that it will begin accepting bitcoin in January 2018 in a bid to leverage the massive hype that the cryptocurrency market has been enjoying. They offered a product which they called the “Bitcoin Bucket”. The product was available for a limited time. Customers could purchase the Bitcoin Bucket on the company website. Each bucket cost approximately $20.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin is known for innovation and advancing technology through its airline and space travel project. In 2013, the CEO of Virgin Group, in a conference, Richard Branson announced that the company will begin accepting bitcoin as payment.


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